How to Get the Egg in Ghost Simulator

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Ghost Simulator can be described as a simulator game created by BloxByte Games. In this game, every player is able to use vacuums to such up ghosts and sell the Ectoplasm obtained for the currencies of the game.

In Ghost Simulator, you will able to find an event called Easter Event. There are some Egg Hunters that will give you the rewards after completing their questline. If you want to know how to get the egg in this event of Ghost Simulator, please keep reading.

  1. Egg Hunter Cullen

Egg Hunter Cullen refers to the name of the Egg Hunter found in the Wild West Biome. He rewards the players with the Main World Prize Egg after completing the 8th and final quest. The quests include Clean Up Crew, Back to Square One, New Sheriff in Town, Takin’s Out the Trash, Boss Roundup, Train Surfin’, and Egg Hunt.

  1. Egg Hunter Ella

Egg Hunter Ella refers to the name of the temporary Ghost Hunter only in Ghost Sim during the Easter Event. It has been known that she once belonged to the Wintry areas with some of her friends. People think that she is Pink Elf that is a missing Elf from the Christmas Event. She rewards the players three items upon completion of her Quests, Eggfury, Golden Carrot, and Sunline. The quests include Vacuum 3 Artist Ghosts, Vacuum 1 Chick Ghost, Collect 10 Easter Eggs, Vacuum 3 Gnome Ghosts and Vacuum 1 Flower Pot Ghost (750 Easter Eggs), Open 1 Crate from the Shop, Vacuum 3 Spring Fairy Ghost, Vacuum 1 Chocolate Bunny Ghost, Jump Through Hoop (Golden Carrot), and Defeat Fluffy (Sunline and Eggfury).

  1. Egg Hunter Lilly

Egg Hunter Lilly refers to the name of the Egg Hunter found in the Ghost World. She rewards the players with the Ghost World Prize Egg upon questline completion. The quests include Collect Protector, Hopper, That Smelly Smell, Grim Criminal, Soul Stealer, Unworldly Companion, Castle Seige, and Eggtacular.

  1. Egg Hunter Reid

Egg Hunter Reid refers to the name of the Egg Hunter found in Easter Land. He rewards the players with the Easter Land Prize Egg after completing his questline. The quests include Painting Eggs (250 Easter Eggs), Egg Collector (150 Easter Eggs), Bunny Luck (500 Easter Eggs), Up to Gnome Good (300 Easter Eggs), Cocoa Quest (150 Easter Eggs), Hop on a Hoverboard (750 Easter Eggs), Ecto-Legend (300 Easter Eggs), and Hunt Us Down (Easter Land Prize Egg).

  1. Egg Hunter Stella

Egg Hunter Stella refers to the name of the Egg Hunter found in the The Backdoor. She rewards the players with the Backdoor Prize Egg upon completing her questline. The quests include Swamp Surfer (250 Easter Eggs), Glitch in the Matrix (300 Easter Eggs), Bait and Switch (150 Easter Eggs), Searching for Data (300 Easter Eggs), Pet Detective (250 Easter Eggs), Boss Hunter (500 Easter Eggs), Doorboard (250 Easter Eggs), and Down the Rabbit Hole (Backdoor Prize Egg).

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