How to Get the Egg in Tower Defense Simulator

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In Tower Defense Simulator, there is a thing called Spring 2020 Event. this one is known as the Easter event. It is the fifth event in the game and the first one that is Spring themed. The event started on April 6, 2020 and is currently ongoing.

Spring 2020 Event brought in a new map to triumph on and get a reward depending on what lift you take, new zombies, Easter skins and crates, and it brought back Tickets, the name of the currency initially used in the Christmas 2019 Event.

Unlike the other events, there is actually more than one elevator for the event that decides the difficulty you want to do. For your information, the outer elevators are the Hard Mode ones and only Level 5 players and above are able to enter. Zombies in this one have risen up the health and speed. As for starting money, it is lowered as well. In between, them are easy mode elevators, that any player is able to enter.

Another different thing that set Spring 2020 Event apart from the other events is you are forced to use a particular loadout regardless of what towers you bring. The loudout includes Scout, Pyromancer, Sniper, Commander, and Minigunner. Please keep in mind that this only happens on Easy Mode.

Aside from that, Spring 2020 Event also brought back a formerly unobtainable tower named Holiday Archer that is available again for a limited amount of time. This one is able to be obtained by paying 350 Robux but it is likely to go off sale when the event ends.

How to get the egg in Spring 2020 Event from Tower Defense Simulator? There are four tactics to get the egg in Tower Defense Simulator (easy mode). First, using sniper in unneeded as there are better alternatives. However, it is believed that spam placing snipers across every available point is viable as long as they have ground support. Second, when starting the game, it is better for you to place down only 1 scout or pyromancer. Much preferred pyromancer is recommended as there is not enough money to place a minigunner, unless some already place one. Third, minigunner is useful for this as it is fast firing is strong against Sir Hopsalot and it is the strongest tower in the loadout. Fourth, if no one places down a commander place one down and upgrade it to level 3 as its ability is able to make your tower fire faster. It is your choice if someone already placed it.

Getting the egg in the event from Tower Defense Simulator called Spring 2020 Event is easy if you follow all the tactics well. For more information about it, you can visit some sources such as Wiki. if you have any question or need some helps, you are able to visit the community of Tower Defense Simulator or the community of Roblox in general to get a help from the members.

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