How to Get the Swarmer in Tower Defense Simulator

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In Tower Defense Simulator, the Swarmer refers to an event tower that was added in on April 6, 2020 in light of Spring and the Egg Hunt. This one is able to be obtained by triumphing Eggy Island on hard mode or paying 350 Robux.

At the base level, Swarmer wears the suit of a beekeeper without the helmet and it throws a glop of honey at zombies that swarms the target with bees. When a zombie is covered in bees, it will begin rapidly shaking its head and flail their arms around, representing shooing away the bees. Al the level 4+, it gets the ability that can cover a few zombies in bees. For your information, Swarmer has no hidden detection but it is able to hit hidden zombies with its ability if there are the other zombies next to those hidden zombies.

Furthermore, Swarmer throws beehives at zombies. Actually, it does no damage on the initial hit but the target will be covered in bees that deal Damage over Time, called Bee Damage or he damage stat, each at the current interval, namely Tic, for the current amount of time, labeled as StingTime. Aside from that, Swarmer will also not target a zombie if it is already covered in bees, functioning much like a Pyromancer.

A lot of Swarmers may attack a zombie that is not covered in bees at the same time, successfully stacking the status effect in the process. In addition, the bees of Swarmer ignore Shield, making it a great candidate for taking down Templar.

There are some tactics of Swarmers. First, observed to be viable in Molten from waves 1-4. Second, A few maxed Swarmers located right by he entrance are able to be easily defeat waves 16 to 24 in Fallen as long as there is backup to take care of hidden zombies. Third, Swarmer works better against crowds of zombies, as its DPS is directly multiplied by the total amount of status stacks it has afflicted.

Then, how to get the Swarmer in Tower Defense Simulator? In order to get Swarmer, you are recommended to use the Holiday Archer. The Holiday Archer or just Archer is the name of a Tower that is obtained by the Gift or Sharpness. In the past, you could get the Gift of Sharpness with two ways: 2500 tickets or by purchasing the gift using 250 Robux during the Christmas 2019 Event. This one has made available to purchase again during Spring 2020 Event for 350 Robux.

The Holiday Archer fires arrows at zombies every 2 seconds, dealing 1 damage. There is the travel time in the arrows. Aside from that, the arrows also do not the result, this one may struggle to hit fast moving enemies and or enemies that are far away depending on the map and tower placement. For more information about the Holiday Archer, do not forget to visit some places like Wiki and so on.

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