How to Have No Clothing in Roblox

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You may come to this page to find out the information about how to have no clothing in Roblox. For this case, you need to learn more about default clothing. So, how do you bypass default clothes on Roblox? Just continue this entire article to find the information you want.


You have to know that the default clothing is a group of pants items which unavailable and unviewable in the catalog of Roblox that are applied to an avatar when no pants are selected. Apparently, there is a rumor that this was created to repel online daters from making avatars that would be rendered inappropriate. For your information, the Default clothing was added in an update on June 16, 2017. The default clothing looks like a colored shirt and the small Roblox logo that located in the top-left corner of the shirt and a pair of shorts.


Because the inability to change the color of the shirt, so many people have already made forum threads that dedicated to asking for support to remove the default avatar. Aside from that, people have also tried to bypass this via invisible shirts and pants.


The players of Roblox are able to bypass the default clothing trigger by wearing the pants, because the pants cover both the avatar’s legs and the torso. You have to note that changing a body part to a different color is able to bypass triggering default clothing. Clothing which has been deleted by the moderators automatically makes a naked avatar, although the avatar is wearing pants. Besides, transparent clothing is also considered to be clothing under the filter, even if your avatar is wearing the transparent pant.

After you read the explanation above, you should know how the way to look have no clothing in Roblox. Actually, we have another way to make you look have no clothing in Roblox. For this way, firstly you have to do is to change all your body parts to Institutional White. But, then you have to go back to your Torso and change it to Normal white. That is only for if you want to be completely white. In other case, if you do not want to be white, you do not worry about that because there are other colors which look like basically exactly the same that you can use as well.

Talking about this, some of you may want to know how to make shirt or pant in Roblox. In addition, here we want also to explain its way. To get started, you will be able to download a shirt template from the Roblox website. After that, you are able to open the templates in an image editor. Then, you are able to use whatever image editing program you like; some free options include GIMP and Paint.NET. For each template, please notice that the parts are “folded up” and wrapped around a Roblox character’s body, arms, and legs.

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