How to Make a Circle in Build a Boat for Treasure

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There is a game named Build a Boat for Treasure (BABFT in short). It is a Roblox game based around in wiki. Based on the research, the game is developed by Chillz Studios and Chillthrill709 on November 2, 2016. The last update of the game was on April 1, 2020.

The game of Build a Boat for Treasure (BABFT) is centered around building a boat, reaching the treasure at the end and surviving the multiple areas. The game is able to played by 7 maximum players. For your information, the game is categorized to Adventure genre. Currently, the game of Build a Boat for Treasure (BABFT) has place visits around 628.9M+.

Talking about the game of Build a Boat for Treasure (BABFT), you may come here to find out the information how to make a circle in BABFT game. Well, now we are going to share that information for you. To make a circle in game of Build a Boat for Treasure (BABFT), you have to place a wheel, from a distance. Then, you have to put the poles. Let’s do preferably one, two, three. You are free to do whatever you want the more the poles. After that, you have to place an unanchored block that you want your circle to be made out of around and then you have to lock it. Please do some changes. The next step that you have to do is to place two of them. You have to use a different block. If you do not pain tool, so you  do not have to do this. To get more information about how to make a circle in the game of Build a Boat for Treasure (BABFT), we suggest you to watch a video on YouTube that show about how to make a circle in the game of BABFT.

In addition, here we are going also to share other information related the game of Build a Boat for Treasure (BABFT). Just continue to reading this text below.


Boats are the key to victory in the “Build to Survive” type game. Usually, the players join the teams to attach parts together and potentially reach the end. The boats need pass the obstacles to get to the end. The stronger the boat is the more likely it is to reach the end.


As players progress through the game, they are going to encounter zones, called “Stages”. For your information, each stage has its own obstacles including rocks or sea mines. The stages serve as a test for the skills of building boat.


The players are rewarded a treasure upon passing all the Stages. Upon reaching the end of the stages, there are going to be a drop from a waterfall into a few rock spikes. If the player survives, so their boat floats to the sandbank. When touched, it rewards the players with 100 gold and a gold block.


When the player has collected the treasure at least once, so the player will unlock the quests. Quests are objectives for the player to accomplish. They give the player rewards such as gold and unique blocks.

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