How to Make a Potion of Weakness

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Minecraft have started as a simple sandbox game when it first was released in 2009s. However, the game continues to thrive including more systems like the potion brewing, equipment enchanting and Redstone circuitry.

You have to know that Potion brewing is not as complicated a system as it may seem, but the game itself is not going to show the players how to do it. When a player has learned the process of making a single potion, it is only experimentation with other ingredients to figure out what the results in the creation of the other potions.

If you want to make any potions, you are going to need to craft a brewing stand and several Glass Bottles. The materials required to make a brewing stand and lots of ingredients in potion-making originated from the Nether. A brewing stand needs a single Blaze Rod which centered above a row of Cobblestone. Then, 3 Glass Bottles are able to be made by using 3 Glass in the shape of “V”. Please ensure to get extra Blaze Rods to turn into the Blaze Powder. They are going to be used to fuel the Brewing Stand.

To make a Potion of Weakness in Minecraft, you are going to need a water bottle and a fermented spider eye. A water bottle is made by filling an empty Glass Bottle with water like a Bucket. Actually, the Fermented spider eye is more complicated. To make a Fermented spider eye, you are going to need sugar, brown mushroom, and Spider Eye. You have to place the brown mushroom into the top left of the crafting menu. After that, you have to place the sugar to the right of it. Finally, you are able to place the Spider Eye directly underneath the sugar. Now, you should be able to craft the Fermented Spider Eye.

When you have your water bottle and fermented spider eye, so you are going to need to open the Brewing Stand menu. Afterwards, you are able to place the Blaze Powder into the designated Blaze Powder outline on the left. Then, you have to put a number of the water bottles equal to the number of Potions of Weakness in the bottom three slots. The last step to make the Potion of Weakness in Minecraft is to place the fermented spider eye in the box above the water bottles and you only need waiting for them to brew. The end of result should be a potion of weakness which lasts one minute and thirty seconds.

In addition, if you want to increase the duration time of your Potion of Weakness in minecraft, so you will be able to repeat those steps with Redstone in place of the Fermented Spider Eye, and the Potion of Weakness in place of the Water Bottles. If you want to make a Splash Potion of Weakness, just repeat these steps with Gun Powder in place of the fermented spider eye, and the Potion of weakness in place of the water bottles.

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