How to Make Currency in Roblox Studio

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Recently, there are many Roblox players who look for the information about how to make currency in Roblox Studio. To do that, you are able to use money script in Roblox Studio. You may want to know how to make currency in Roblox Studio using money script. If so, you have to keep staying on this page and reading this entire article.

We all know that Roblox Studio is a development program that was developed by Roblox . It offers an assortment of coding and building tools for developing games for Roblox. Roblox staff is able to download preview releases of suite. Of course, Roblox Studio is extremely powerful tool. It allow you to make a Roblox game with more precision. Aside from that, you also are able to import models, decals and things in your inventory as well as anchoring bricks and adding the scripts.

So, what do you do to make currency in Roblox Studio? You have to note that in making currency in Roblox Studio, firstly you have to find the money script. After you find money script, then you will be able to start opening Roblox Studio program. When you are at Roblox Studio, you have to insert the money script to the workspace. For this step, you will be able to click on your Workspace. Next, you have to choose InsertObject and then choose Money Script. In the leaderboard of the script, you have to type the following Money script:

the game.Playes.PlayerAdded: connect (function(player)

local folder = (“Folder”, player)

folder. Name = “leaderstats”

local currency= (“IntValue”, folder)

currency.Name = “Cash”

player. Character Added: connect (function(character)

character: WaitForChild (“Humanoid”).Died: connect(function

local tag = character. Humanoid: FindFirstChild (“creator”)

if tag = nil then

if tag.Value = nil then

currency.Value = currency1.Value + 10

After you insert the money script above, then you have to go to “Test” tab and test with local server and two players. At the moment, you need also to find Test menu near Terrain and View menu and click it. There, you will be able to find Start, Local Server and two Players. Please, click Start and do not forget to insert a sword inside the starter pack. In the left of the screen, there will appear a toolbox. You have to search “sword” on the search bar and then there will appear some sword models. After that, there will be a pop up window and asking you whether you want to put this tool into the starter pack or not. In this step, you have to click at Yes. The next step, you have to choose Sword. Automatically, there will be Sword Script so that you have to click on Sword Script. If you want to use that script, you do not need to restart the whole thing. Now, you are able to reset the characters and the tools are going to go to their backpack. Just it how to make currency in Roblox studio using money script.

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