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Identity Fraud is a game created on January 1st by Team M0therb0ard. It is categorized to horror game where you have to go through mazes and solve puzzles along the way. Based on the research, the game of Identity Fraud was a successful game with over 11M visits, 71K likes and 176K favorites.

Identity fraud was also as one of the best horror games in Roblox platform. After Identity Fraud’s success, 32bitpc announced that there are going to be a second game that currently available and gets more in-depth with the story. Now, we are going to explain about the gameplay of Identity Fraud and the story so that you will more understand the game.


Actually, the gameplay of Identity Fraud is simple. It is a first-person maze game. You are able to use LMOUSE to click buttons and interact with the game. While exploring, you are able to press Q to mark that area with a pointer. When you are making your way through the mazes, so you are going to meet some monsters. The Monsters are going to try killing you. In this case, you need to search for the morse and hexadecimal to reach it to the Final Boss and defeat him, completing the game.

One of the worst parts in the game is solving the morse code. The first step to solving it, you have to find the morse code. The morse code is sent through a small orange radio which sits on a shelf. It is extremely hard to find. Even, this harder than finding the doors to each maze. Apparently, you will need to find 3 table rooms. The first time, we suggest you to setting a marker there. When you find another one, you are able to set two markers. The last, when you can find the third table room, simply set three markers. After that, you have to go through the middle passageway. After you do that, you may find the radio. It is probably beeping out a sequence, so you have to wait. When it stops for at least five seconds, so you will need to translate Morse code.


The story below is a summary and kind of an explanation of what happened in the dialogue at the beginning of the game. For note: It may not be 100% accurate.

Intro Dialogue:

  • I am (Name).
  • I have a Doctor.
  • My Doctor helps me.
  • I go to my Doctor.
  • People watch me.
  • People watch me.
  • My Doctor talks to me.
  • “(Name), you look tired.”
  • “How have you slept?”
  • I haven’t.
  • He looks at me.
  • “Why haven’t you slept?”
  • I don’t want to.
  • “Why not?”
  • I look at him.
  • “Why haven’t you slept?”
  • I don’t think this is working, Doc.
  • I look at my Doctor.
  • He wants to hurt me.
  • I need to get out of here.
  • Can I go now?

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