Is Apex Legends Cross-platform / Crossplay 2020?

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Respawn give a confirmation that Apex Legends cross-platform play is in development. But, there has yet to be a real date for when we are able to wish it. It is a shame, because other battle Royale games like Fortnite already allows cross play across all video game platforms. While Apex Legends is not there quite yet, but it can be heading in that direction sometime soon. Well, let us learn everything we know regarding Apex Legends cross platform play right here.


Of course no. Not yet, anyway. However, Respawn’s lead producer Drew McCoy confirmed in an interview with Eurogamer that Apex Legends cross platform is in the development. They plan to allow the players to play with their friends on other platforms in the future.

In this time, Apex Legends is only available on PC, Xbox One and PS4. The players of Apex Legends on each platform cannot play together. Of course, it is able to make them upset. Especiallly, for the groups that have the players with different platforms in their ranks.

As we explained above, McCoy confirmed that Apex Legends cross platform progression will not be a thing due to the way systems were set up early on that cannot be reconciled after the fact. We are able to except it that Apex Legends cross platform play is on the way at some point, but there is no confirmation when it will arrive. All we know is that Respawn is only working on it.


We get information that there is no confirmation on exactly how Apex Legends cross platform play is going to work, but it is highly likely they are going to implement a similar system like Fortnite. For your information, origin account like Epic Games account is able to be used in the back-end to manage your friends list, invite the players and all the good items. Of course, this is pure speculation at the moment. We do not know on whether Apex Legends is coming to Nintendo Switch or not, but it should be the case for the existing platforms. Until now, we only can sit tight and hope there is a good news.

For those who still be curious on whether Apex Legends have cross platform multiplayer or not, so the short answer is yes. Apex Legends is going to be cross platform, but not right now. As we explained above that in an interview with Eurogamer , Respawn explained that cross platform multiplayer is in the works, but there are no specifics when it is going to appear. They only do have plans for allowing the players to play together with their friends on other platforms. In addition, Apex Legends road map already established, probably the developers have an idea of when it can be implemented. However, it is a case of wait and see for right now.

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