Is Valorant on Xbox One?

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You may come to this page to look for the facts about Valorant games, may not you? One of the facts that you want to know is about in which platform that you can launch and play its game. Definitely, it can be a pretty big question for anyone who dedicates the life for game. The big question is Valorant provided on Xbox One or not. To get the answer, please keep staying this page!

Today, the gaming world is enlivened by the launch of gorgeous game that predictably will be loved by every gamer around the world. Yeah… The gorgeous game is called Valorant. As the name of the game, you may be curios what is the focus of the game for. In fact, there are many gamers in the world that have the same question.

Valorant came from the Riot Games projects that have released in the summer of 2020 with a closed beta launched on April 7, 2020 in Europe, Canada, US, Turkey and Russian. So, the game is fresh from the oven as well. Of course, many gamers do not know the game yet because it is coming recently. But, as the true gamer, you may be interested to play this game a lot.

This game focuses on the first-person shooter multiplayer experience in which it will be free to play when the game launches on PC for this summer. As this game released, definitely many gamers really want to know in which platform that the Valorant game is launched.

As confirmed by Riot Games, Valorant is launching its close beta on Pc in this summer before the game fully launches. Until now, there is no information that Riot Games will be launching the game for Xbox One or PS4.

Today, Riot Games will focus right now on PC, no other platforms. But, they also open to explore the new opportunities for the other platforms, but now, they just focus on PC. It is because there are many requirements and systems that they must fix to launch the Valorant game on other platforms.

But, there is a new fact in which Riot Games may be more inclined to launch the Valorant on Sony and Microsoft current-gen consoles. If the Valorant game is available on other platforms, except PC, of course, you would expect that Valorant will be available on PS4 and XboX One too to be a part of Riot Games’ plans.

Once, it does not guarantee that Valorant will land on PS4 and Xbox One, but at least the statement will not rule out the move.

As of writing, once, Valorant will not be coming for PS4 and Xbox One for right now, it is just announced for PC in this summer.

Due to come this page to look for the information about it, of course, we will confirm that Valorant right now is not available on PS4 and Xbox One.

So, please you have to be patient so that the Valorant can be launched on your lovely platform. Then, if you really desire to follow this game soon, probably using the PC to launch the game is really recommended for you.

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