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Minecraft PE Logdotzip is the Minecraft Pocket Edition channel of Logdotzip. Basically, the channel will post about the contents that focus on the Minecraft PE or Minecraft Pocket Edition, and no other contents will be posted here.

Minecraft Pocket Edition or Minecraft PE or MCPE was the official mobile version of Minecraft, developed by Mojang AB. However, when the Better Together Update was released, the name of the game changed to simply Minecraft, and it is now considered part of the Bedrock Edition chain.

Minecraft PE Logdotzip was created on June 21, 2018. Since the first time it creates, this channel has gained 382k subscribers and 51,502,333 views. Just by looking at the amount of subscribers and views of the videos, you can tell that this one is one of the most favorite channels when it comes to Minecraft.

In this channel owned by Logdotzip, you will be able to find the newest Maps, mods, and updates to your favorite mobile game, Minecraft Pocket Edition. You can check the Playlists if you want to find or watch some videos with the similar content. The playlists that you will be able to see include Alex the Noob Minecraft PE Survival, Block Ness Monster, Minecraft PE Maps, Minecraft PE Addons, The Minecraft Steve Mystery, Thanos War on Minecraft Steves, Minecraft PE Update, and Minecraft PE Challenge.

Minecraft PE Logdotzip features Logdotzip or Tyler Christopher Pappas himself and his partner in crime named PretonPlayz. Two of them are ready to jump into whatever craziness this game can throw at them.

For those who are not familiar with PrestonPlayz, his real name is Preston Blaine Arsement. This one is a Youtuber who produces mostly Minecraft gaming content, even though he has also branched out to video games Roblox and Fortnite Battle Royale on his PrestonMobile and TBNRFrag channels as well. The real life channel where he uploads challenges and vlogs, usually featuring family members and or friends of him is called Preston (formerly PrestonPlayz – Minecraft). This one is the most popular channel, with more than 11 million subscribers as of January 2020. Aside from that, there is also PrestonPlays (formerly PrestonMinecraft). This one is his Minecraft Pocket Edition channel featuring his friend Logdotzip. However, the player now dopes Java Edition videos on there as well.

As stated before, Minecraft PE Logdotzip focuses on the Minecraft Pocket Edition. If you are a fan of Logdotzip and want to check out the other contents offered by this Youtuber, you can visit another Youtube channel of him called Logdotzip. All the time that you spend to watch the Logdotzip contents will be worth it. For more information about Logdotzip and the Minecraft contents uploaded by him, please visit the two channels mentioned above. If you want to ask something whether it is about the game known as Minecarft or the Youtuber named Logdotzip, do not hesitate to leave a comment under the video posted by him. If you are lucky, the Youtuber will reply to you directly.

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