Logdotzip Noob Girl Lucky Block Race

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Logdotzip Noob Girl Lucky Block Race refers to a video posted by one of the most popular Minecraft players named Minecraft PE Logdotzip on July 31, 2019. Since the first time it publishes, it has gained 638,665 view and 7.9k likes.

Contrary to the title of the video, the noob girl is so unlucky in Minecraft Lucky Block Race. Since the viewers have been loving Alex the noob so much on the channel of Minecraft PE Logdotzip, Logdotzip decided to become more friends with her to see if she wanted to play on more than just the Mineract Survival World. Since she is the most unlucky person Logdotzip has ever played Minecraft with, he thought what better thing to do than to play Lucky Block Minecraft Race with her. In fact, she was so bad and really had a hard time following the rules but he had a lot of fun.

Logdotzip Noob Girl Lucky Block Race is so different compared to the previous ones. If you want to see Logdotzip plays more Minecraft maps with Alex, you can visit the official channel of Logdotzip for the Minecraft Pocket Edition named Minecraft PE Logdotzip. In the channel, there are some playlists that can make your search about similar contents easier. In order to find the Logdotzip- laying Minecraft with Alex the noob, you can open a playlist named Alex the Noob Minecraft PE Survival. There are 43 total videos included in this playlist. Some of the videos are Noob Girl Found My Secret Minecraft World, Noob Girl Made A Secret Underground Dirt Minecraft Base, Noob Girl Finds Fastest Diamonds in Minecraft, Noob Girl Accidentally Starts A Raid in Minecraft, Noob Girl Tries to Sleep in the Nether, Noob Girl Finds Buried Treasure in Minecraft, Noob Girl Gets Lost in a Mineshaft in Minecraft, Noob Girl Finds Strangest Minecraft Pets, Noob Girl Ruins My Minecraft Farm, Noob Girl Raids Underwater Minecraft Temple (Scary), Noob Girl’s Minecraft Build Battle Challenge, Noob Girl vs Minecraft Enderman (Does Not Go Well), Noob Girl Finds Minecraft Stronghold Instantly, Noob Girl Raids Minecraft Temple (Triggers The Trap), Noob Girl Tries How to Train Your Dragon Addon in Minecraft, Noob Girl Wolf Experiment Gone Wrong (Raids Village), Noob Girl Dies to Cactus in Minecraft, Noob Girl Makes OP Minecraft Gear!, Noob Girl Gets Lost in The Nether, Noob Girl Tries Real Minecraft Build Battle!, and Noob Girl Ruins All My Ender Dragon Potions.

If you want Logdotzip to make more Minecraft contents with Alex the noob girl, please tell him by leaving a comment under the comment section of the video.

Logdotzip is the name of a Miencraft Youtuber that launched a new Pocket Edition channel of Minecraft called Minecraft PE Logdotzip or MCPE. The channel does lots of Addon showcases and roleplay on the channel. Do not forget to subscribe to the new family friendly channel and let him know what you want to see him in the comment section.

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