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Logdotzip of Tyler Christopher Pappas is the name of the American Youtuber known primarily for his Minecraft videos. In 2006, the man started his Youtube channel, dedicated to Runescape, but eventually transitioned to Minecraft. He continues producing various Minecraft content, including Minecraft Command Block Creations, Maps, Updates, and more.

The Youtube channel of Logdotzip was created on July 14, 2006. This one currently has 3.72 million subscribers. It has some playlists. Those include Minecraft But…, Recipe Randomizer (Minecraft Random Survival), Minecraft 1.15 Update, Minecraft Randomizer Survival (Random Loot Drops), Minecraft 1.15 Update, Cursed Minecraft Survival World, Logdotzip Quark Mod, Minecraft Comments into Crafting Recipe Command, Minecraft Diversity 3 Let’s Play Guide, Minecraft Cosmic Prison Jail Break, Asphodel’s Code (1.14 Survival), and Prison.

Aside from that, there is also Minecraft PE Logdotzip that was created on June 21, 2018. This one is the Minecraft Pocket Edition channel of Logdotzip. In this channel, you are able to find the latest Maps, mods, and updates to your favorite mobile game, Minecraft Pocket Edition. The channel features Logdotzip, along side his partner in crime called PrestonPlayz.

Just like in the Logdotzip channel, there are some playlists in Minecraft PE Logdotzip. These playlists can make people easier to play more than one videos with similar content. The playlists include Alex the Noob Minecraft PE Survival, Block Ness Monster, Minecraft PE Maps, Minecraft PE Addons, The Minecraft Steve Mystery, Thanos War on Minecraft Steves, Minecraft PE Update, and Minecraft PE Challenge.

For those who want to watch all the videos of Logdotzip about the Noob Girls, apparently, they are all included in the Alex the Noob Minecraft PE Survival. There are 43 videos in Alex the Noob Minecraft PE Survival playlist. However, not all of them are about the Noob Girls. If you want to get all 21 videos, you can just type Logdotzip Noob Girls playlist on your browser. This playlist has been watched 1.303 times. The last updated of it was on October 1, 2019. The playlist are Noob Girl Found My Secret Minecraft World, Noob Girl Made A Secret Underground Dirt Minecraft Base, Noob Girl Finds Fastest Diamonds in Minecraft, Noob Girl Accidentally Starts A Raid in Minecraft, Noob Girl Tries to Sleep in the Nether, Noob Girl Finds Buried Treasure in Minecraft, Noob Girl Gets Lost in a Mineshaft in Minecraft, Noob Girl Finds Strangest Minecraft Pets, Noob Girl Ruins My Minecraft Farm, Noob Girl Raids Underwater Minecraft Temple (Scary), Noob Girl’s Minecraft Build Battle Challenge, Noob Girl vs Minecraft Enderman (Does Not Go Well), Noob Girl Finds Minecraft Stronghold Instantly, Noob Girl Raids Minecraft Temple (Triggers The Trap), Noob Girl Tries How to Train Your Dragon Addon in Minecraft, Noob Girl Wolf Experiment Gone Wrong (Raids Village), Noob Girl Dies to Cactus in Minecraft, Noob Girl Makes OP Minecraft Gear!, Noob Girl Gets Lost in The Nether, Noob Girl Tries Real Minecraft Build Battle!, and Noob Girl Ruins All My Ender Dragon Potions.

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