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You probably already know a guy named Logdotzip that exist on YouTube channel. However, this guy is so influential for the game of Minecraft for some time. By sharing his gameplay of Minecraft on his official YouTube channel, definitely it brings him to be popular among gamers, especially for Minecraft.

Unfortunately, fro a newcomer of Minecraft, we guess that you do not know at all for this guy. You may be strange with this name and never find this guy. But, the main thing that you have to know is his contribution on Minecraft in which he makes this game become popular. Not all for his gameplay as he shared on YouTube, but he is also well-known on Mixer. So, don’t leave this page before you  go on knowing him for detail.

Tyler Christopher Pappas well-known online as Logdotzip is an American YouTuber who dedicate his time to play Minecraft. While playing Minecraft, he also streams to share his gameplay to his fans and other player. Due to many streaming videos as he created, so, he decided to create his official YouTube channel named Logdotzip.

Logdotzip channel has more that 3,72 million subscribers, that’s a fantastic number, isn’t it? He got started creating his official YouTube Channel in 2006, dedicated to Runescape, but he transitioned to Minecraft. For some time, he continued producing various Minecraft contents, they are Minecraft Command Block Creations, Updates, Maps and many more.

Not only on YouTube, you can also follow him on Mixer @Logdotzip. on Mixer, he has more than 17.3k followers with 161.230 views for several streaming with 2,7 millions subscribers. He got in touch with Mixer since March 9, 2017.

Well, we focus on sharing for his gameplay in Minecraft that he shared on his YouTube Channel. Because of his skill in creating some objects in Minecraft, so he started to share it taking Only One Command 1.14.

In his video titled The FUTURE OF MINECRAFT 1.14 Commands (BIG UPDATE),  he easily share his skill in creating some objects using Only One Command 1.14. On his video, he created some objects using the Only One Command in Minecraft 1.14. The objects as he created are shrink ray, full block flowers, blue-water, big ball, a big cow, and many gorgeous creations that we do not mention on this article. To watch his video, you can click this link.

As you can see the all creations that she made is totally beautiful with in single hand. He was shrewd in making some awesome objects. So, it is no wonder if he is well-known as professional player on Minecraft.

As we have known the Only One Command is an advanced feature to allow the players in creating some objects in one tool. In Minecraft 1.14,  you can take the Only One Command. The commands can be used to create some creations. They are a new camping mod, Summon Mob, Villager Trade, Give Food, Summon Llama, Summon Donkey, Prefilled, Give Splash Potion, Give Mechanism, Give Lingering Potion, Give Ore, Give Dye, Status Effect and many more.

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