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Are you a fans of Logdotzip in Minecraft? If so, what make you so interested to follow him and imitate his gameplay in trick and tips when creating objects in Minecraft? Of couse, following and loving him is not totally wrong for you. However, he is a guy who is really expert in creating tons of amazing objects in Minecraft. So, how does he make some awesome objects in Minecraft using Only One Command?

Talking about objects on Minecraft, automatically we also talk for Minecraft weapons that you can create to have battle. Surely for Minecraft player, you are recommended to create this extreme object to support you in againts your enemy on Minecraft. Well, creating the guns is a must for you. Then, how to make guns just using Only One Command by Logdotzip version?

As we have known well that he is professionally in making gorgeous creations on Minecraft. Surely he is not totally doubt to share his gameplay in creating some objects in his official video that you can find on his YouTube Channel named Logdotzip.

Today, we are going to talk about his skill in taking the gun by using Only One Command Guns. To help players getting easy in using the guns, so, he kindly shared his ways on a video titled REALISTIC MINECRAFT GUNS (Only One Command). The video has been watched for about 319.263 viewers with more than 5.3k likes.Of course, you can watch it by click this link:

Generally, making a gun can be done by taking only one command in Minecraft. In this case, the one command to create gun adds the various of guns to Minecraft, they are modern pistol, a sniper rifle and a machine gun. Definitely, the guns have realistic bullet physic and were made in more than 25 hours of work. In this case, the gun command involves a texture pack with 3D models. Well, you need to install it to see the 3D weapons. To run the guns, definitely you must not install any mods. Then, you are able to run the guns in Minecraft 1.12.

On his video, he told to the viewers in which he created the guns by one command and a resource pack to obtain your fill of amazing shoot devices. He shared some tips and tricks in creating the guns. He suggested that the main thing that you have to do is to install the command through the resource pack.

Then, in order to make the three different guns in the inventory, certainly, you are going to need the following some redstone and some iron that could not be simpler to make the pistol. In this step, you just need two pieces of redstone dust and four iron ingots as well. Then, you will drop two of those on the ground and you are going to drop the four iron ingots on the ground.

Of course, you can see on the video in which he was so expert in shooting the obejcts using the guns as he created. So, if you want to have a shooting skill like him, of course, you have to watch some his videos on YouTube Channel. Good Luck!

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