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Tyler Christopher Pappas is an American YouTuber known primarily for his Minecraft videos. He is known online as Logdotzip. Based on the research, he started his YouTube channel in 2006s, dedicated to Runescape, but finally transitioned to Minecraft. Logdotzip continues producing lots of Minecraft content, including Minecraft Command Block Creations, Maps, Updates, and more. Aside from that, he always updates the video about Too Much TNT (Only One Command).

You have to know that Too Much TNT is a mod by MinecraftTNTStuff. It adds in 54 new types of TNT into the game to do many things. On the channel of Logdotzip, there are some videos talking about Too Much TNT. At the moment, we are going to share one of videos on his channel entitled “Too Much TNT – 11 New TNT Blocks (Only One Command)”. It was published on January 20, 2019. The video has 182,458 views. On that video, he explains about some new Minecraft TNT which added to 1.14. Those Too Much TNT are Cryo TNT, Incendiary TNT, Nether Virus TNT, Aqua Explosive TNT, Timed TNT, Triggered TNT, Extra Explosive TNT and Extra extra Explosive TNT. To more detail, we suggest you to watch that video now.

As we said before that Too Much TNT is a mod by MinecraftTNTStuff. Now, we are going to explain some Too Much TNT mods in the text below.

  • TNTx5: It is stronger than TNT in default Minecraft. Basic material for other TNTs.
  • TNTx20: It is stronger than the TNTx5. Basic material for other TNTs.
  • TNTx100: This mod is stronger than TNTx20. Basic material for other TNTs.
  • TNTx500: This mod is stronger than TNTx100. Basic material for other TNT’s.
  •      MeteorTNT: This TNT is going to spawn a meteor in the sky. So, do not think the TNT does not work. This MeteorTNT is going to explode on impact and make a crater.
  • MiningFlatTNT: It has a bigger explosion in the X and Z axis, but twice as small in the Y axis. Also, places torches for you.
  • CompactTNT: After original explosion, this TNT is going to splatter regular TNT everywhere.
  • HouseTNT: When exploded, spawns a basic cobblestone house.
  • WoodHouseTNT: Upgrade of HouseTNT, this spawns a wood planked house.
  • BrickHouseTNT: Upgrade of WoodHouseTNT, this spawns a brick house.
  • FireTNT: This TNT can explode fire everywhere.
  • SnowTNT: This TNT can explode snow everywhere.
  • OceanTNT: This TNT spawn leveled water depends on the location of TNT. Besides, this TNT also spawns the squids.
  • HellFireTNT: Actually, this is counterpart of OceanTNT. It leaves lava, fire and rack. This also releases Ghasts.
  • EnderTNT: This TNT will not destroy any blocks. It is going to knock back player far distances.
  • NuclearTNT: The places nuclear waste everywhere. This is going to wipe out leaves, kill the plants, and melt ice and snow.
  • DiggingTNT: It has 1×1 hole down about 60 blocks. Three block deep water at bottom.
  • DrillingTNT: This upgrade of DiggingTNT. Large hole down to bedrock, depends where you explode it. Please places water at bottom.
  • GhostTNT: This TNT falls through the blocks and explodes underground.

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