Magic Training Roblox Elder Wand Spells

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In the Magic Training game in Roblox, there is a game pass named Elder Wand. There are also spells for it. Do you know the spells of Elder Wand that you can use? If you want to know about it so that you can play well in this game, keep reading this.

In this game, there are two game passes including Flight for 500 Robux and The Elder Wand for 1500 Robux. If you buy the Elder Wand game pass, it will give you a more powerful wand which triples the uses of the most spells excluding Bombarda and Baubillious which only get twice the casts. Also, you can access to three new area of effect spells Infernum, Pruina Tempestatis and Protego Diabolica. Let’s find out more information about these three spells.

  • Infernum

This spell is categorized into an Offense spell exactly kill spell. If you cast it, you are able to create a trailing fire ring around the caster. Any player in range will be able to take damage quickly and die in seconds. After a while, the firestorm disappears or once the caster unequips their wand.

  • Pruina Tempestatis

This spell is categorized into an offense spell exactly stun spell. If you cast it, it will create a trailing ring of blue particles around the caster for a significant amount of time. All players in range will be frozen in ice and will take damage and finally die given prolonged exposure. After a while, this ring will disappear or once the user unequips their wand.

  • Protego Diabolica

This spell is categorized into Defense exactly protection charms spell. It can ignite an immobile ring of blue flames around the caster and it can kill anyone who tries to cross, exempting the caster’s Roblox friends or members of the Ministry of Death Eaters (M.O.D.E) if the caster is also part of M.O.D.E.

For your information, it is highly difficult to be able to defeat an Elder Wand when Clashing because of the increased rate of which the white orbs instantiate. At the end, the delay between blocking is significantly shortened.

The Elder Wand is able to be stolen from its user by using the Disarming Charm, Expelliarmus. In case the bearer of the Elder Wand respawns, they will not get the Elder Wand in their inventory until the person who stole it loses it. In case the similar Elder Wand is stolen two times, from two different people, it will not work. The Elder will be disabled completely and it is unable to cast.

Magic Training now has been visited more than 10 million times in Roblox and has been favorited more than 84k times. This game is able to be played by 30 people in each server. Also, this game has been liked more than 30k times.

If you want to know the complete list of spells of this game, you are able to read another article about it in this site. So, enjoy the game!

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