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Building circles in a square world like Minecraft is able to be a real pain. But, it depend on the scale you are building, making almost perfect circles is possible for you. Of course, you will always have rough edges that can look a bit odd from up close. However, by following a few easy steps, you will be able to build circular structures quickly.


To begin making Minecraft circle, first you will need a template. The template of your circle is able to be made almost any picture editing software, like paint. Usually, those editing programs are going to allow you to make symmetrical circles. All made out of pixels. Those pixels are what we are after. In this example, we are going to use paint. It is a standard program on windows. Usually, Mac users will not have such a program. But, you are able to download a program named Paintbrush for free.Besides, there is also another great and free program named Gimp which is a lot more powerful than both Paintbrush and paint available for PC and Mac.

When you open paint, simply you have to click the circle tool. Then, you have to click and drag on your canvas to make a circle. Please ensure that you hold shift while you are clicking and dragging, because this will make sure the circle is perfectly symmetrical. If you are looking for a circle of a specific size, so the size of the circle you are drawing is displayed in the bottom right corner. It marked with a red rectangle in the image above. For note: This size is 1 pixel bigger than the actual circle, so if it says 23×23 it means that your circle is going to be 22×22.

After you have already made your circle, then you are able to zoom in. Now, you are going to see every pixel which can be translated to Minecraft be replacing each pixel with a block. This is all there is to making Minecraft circles. It cannot any easier than that. You are able to use this to make both horizontal and vertical circle like an archway. But, sometimes you may need a less rounded circle for your arch or other structure. This is able to be done in paint as well, by making oval shape with the circle tool and recreating the shape in Minecraft.


Talking about Minecraft circle, now we are going also to inform you an app named Circle – Pixelated circle generator. You have to know that Generate pixelated circles as a guideline for placing the blocks in your favourite games like Minecraft. You will be able to type the size between 0 and 999 to make a circle. Then, you are able to use pinch gesture to zoom in or zoom out. If you want to get it, so you are able to download it from Google Play Store if you are on Android. For your information, this Generate pixelated circles app is not associated with Mojang, the creator game of Minecraft.

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