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Curse Forge is a site of game AddOn and it is intended for use by players and developers as well. In this site, you are able to find game-specific AddOn content for a lot of games and one of them is Minecraft. Here, you are also able to make mods project. Do you know how to make it?

You are able to make your project if you have registered your CurseFOrge account. If you have created an account there, you just have to log in and then you will be able to begin the journey of your project by accessing Project Creation page in Curse Forge. There, you have to choose the game that you want to make a project for and the game will be updated with new fields waiting for your inputs.

The fields that you have to input including name, summary, description, project license, primary category, categories, logo image, localization, and settings. If you have filled out the form, then you are able to press the Start Project button that you are able to find at the bottom.

After filling out the fields, in the next step, you have to add the additional information. You need to click on the Manage Project button that you are able to find in the top corner and it will drop you into the General settings page and it will permit you to update metadata fields and your logo image. You have to make sure that all these fields are updated properly. If you are satisfied with it, then you are able to hit the Save Changes button. There are the remaining tabs on that page and it provide you with more controls over certain aspects of your projects like deleting and adding members, adding issues to the issue tracker, or directing users to your source code. It is recommended for you to update the info in all tabs before you submit your project for review.

Now, you have to back on your Project Dashboard and you will see an Image button beside the Manage Project button. It permits you to upload more preview images without embedding them in your primary page. You are able to give the images a title and a description as well. Note that this step is required for texture packs or Minecraft resource packs that provide textures.

In this step to make your project, you must have your previews and settings all in place. But, you need to know that your project is still awaiting moderator approval. Before you submit the project to moderators for approval, you have to upload a file. You are able to navigate to your Project Dashboard. Then, to the right of your project title is a button named File. You have to click on it and it will bring you to the Files tab and if you have uploaded it, your project files will be listed.

If you have filled out all of the appropriate fields, then click on Submit File and you will be brought to your Files tab and you will see your newly added file. You are permitted to add more files by following the similar process just you did. In this step, your file will be labeled as Under Review and it is off to the moderators to review and approve it.

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