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Vampirism is a Minecraft mod. For those who are not familiar, Vampire mobs spawn in the same biomes zombies spawn. All of them are night active and hunt for non-vampire players. Aside from that, they also occasionally suck blood from animals. The basic ones have different levels that affect health as well as damage.

Talking about the level, each of it is chosen on the levels of nearby players when they are spawned. Moreover, those are advanced vampires, which are even stronger, but better loot. Sometimes, the normal ones follow them. They are named after people who have contribution to this mod.

The hunters of vampire spawn in small camps generated around the globe. These kinds of people hunt vampires, but usually stay close to their tent. Aside from that, they also spawn in different levels and sometimes there is an advanced hunter in the camp.

The vampire barons show up in the vampire forest. They are really strong and have abulic minions that fight for them. They hate the other powerful vampires in their territory, so they attack vampire players and the other barons. In the vampire forest, there are some vampire versions of the vanilla mobs. In case you suck the blood of a creature, it might also turn into a vampire version.

Village has an important role in Vampirism, since there are a lot of blood-rich villagers there. Vampirism slightly rises up the density and size of villages in the world. Usually, there are a few vampire hunters watching the village to protect the villagers from vampires. Basically, the more villagers are killed by vampires or fed of the more hunter come around. If it gets to wild, some of them will get angry and get their pitchforks to defend themselves.

A lot of aspects of the game are configurable. Instead of modifying the configuration files you are also able to use the in-game menu. Almost every balance related values is configurable in the balance section. After an update all the players are asked if they have a wish to override their modified values with the potentially updated ones. This one does not affect the general configuration.

The vampire players are able to unlock a lot of different skills after leveling up. Some of the skills let the players to use particular actions such as turning into a bat or disguising as a normal human or turning invisible.

There are some variations of blocks allowing vampires to collect, store, and use their blood. Dyeable coffins are able to be used by vampire players to sleep with style during the day. Some weapons specifically created for vampires are able to be charged with blood in order to improve their damage. However, players need to train with them to be able to use them well.

Altars are able to be used so that vampires can perform rituals to level up. Actually, everything depends on the level the requirements change. If you talk about the hunter, they are able to unlock many different skills after leveling up.

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