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This guide explains how to download Minecraft.jar from Google Drive. This one is useful if you want to keep your game data such as worlds, resource packs, mods, and so on when switching computers and to automatically backup the game.

There are several things that you will need. The first one is a Google Account, preferably with all 15GB of storage. The second one is a computer that runs Windows. The second one is a Minecraft Account. The fourth one is the Minecraft Client (minecraft.exe). The fifth one is a .minecraft folder (run Minecraft at least once to make one).

In order to start, you will need Google Drive installed on your PC. The first thing that you have to do is to go to the https://google.com/drive/download to download Google Drive. Then, click the blue Download button. The next thing that you have to do is to click Agree and Download. After that, run the .exe file. The last thing that you have to do is to log in to the Google Drive program that you just installed with the account you want to use to store Minecraft. There is a folder that will be created under Favorites. This one will mirror all files place in drive.google.com.

To create the folders, you need to locate your new Google Drive folder and open it. then, right click > New > Folder. Next, name it Minecraft Portable or whatever you want and double click it. afterward, create two new folders inside of Minecraft Portable called bin and data. Do not forget that both folders must have those exact names, as you will be suing them in a code. Now, you have three new folders on your Google Drive: bin and data, both located in Minecraft Portable.

Now, you need to copy the launcher to Google Drive. To do this, locate your Minecraft client and copy it. This one should be in your Downloads folder as minecraft.exe. If it is not, please download it on the alternative link. Please get the .exe file, not the shortcut. If you are not sure, the icon of the shortcut has a blue arrow on it. In case you cannot find minecraft.exe, you can just download it again from minecraft.net and copy it. After that, paste minecraft.exe into the bin folder that you have created on Google Drive.

Aaparently, the new Minecraft still has no data, here is how to find it. first, press Windows + R (type %APPDATA% and hit Enter). Second, locate your .minecraft folder and copy it. Third, navigate back to Minecraft Portable and double click data. Fourth, paste your .minecraft folder into data. If you do not want to copy all your data you just need to make a folder and call it .minecraft. For those who have many saves, big saves, or a slow internet connection, this could take awhile. Please do not get too excited once it pastes. Now Google Drive will begin to sync all the files. It is able to take up to 5 hours in addition to the hour it will take to paste the files.

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