Minecraft PE Logdotzip House With Noob Girl

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Minecraft Pocket Edition or Minecraft PE was the official mobile version of Minecraft. This one was developed by Mojang AB. However, when the Better Together Update was released, the name of it changed to simply Minecraft, and it is now considered part of the Bedrock Edition chain.

One of the popular Minecraft players who love Minecraft Pocket Edition is Logdotzip. He really loves it to the point he has a Youtube account dedicated to this Minecarft version. Just like his other channels, in this channel, he usually plays with his friends.

The channel named Minecraft PE Logdotzip currently has 386k subscribers. When you look at the amount of subscribers and the views of the videos, it is sure really popular. Among the videos uploaded, Alex the Noob Minecraft PE Survival is one of the most favorite.

There is a video named named Noob Girl Builds Worst House in Minecraft. This video was published on October 27, 2019. Since the first time its release, it has gained 199,042 views and 4.5k likes. In this episode, the noob girl called Alex strikes again. After the last episode of the Unthinkable happened to noob girl’s minecraft pets, where Alex and Logodotzip had some great ideas for colors to use but it was challenging getting all the materials and helping Alex and him head off to the ice biome and collect some ice because Alex no longer wants to be around all this fire and lightning. The sad news is that noob girl builds the worst house in Minecraft as usual, things do not go according to plan.

Aside from that, there is also Noob Girl Builds Biggest Dirt House in Minecarft (Secret). This video was published on March 25, 2020. Since the first time its release, it has gained 133,068 views and 3.3k likes. As you can guess from the title of the video, Alex the noob builds the biggest dirt home house in secret and makes Logdotzip adventure through it.

After the last episode called Noob Girl Captures New Minecraft Pets (Block Ness Monster #5), where Alex and Logdotzip discovered that you are able to collect the animals in Lake Blockness and help the pack ranger fill out her trophy wall. So, Alex wanted to capture all the new pets owned by her such as elk, eagle, bear, a dog, a crab, alligator, and many other ones. Some of the pets were really hard to find and collect. And as expected, Alex the noob runs into some trouble along the way.

This time Logdotzip and Alex the noob go back to the Alex Da Noob Survival World because she has a secret surprise to show Logdotzip. While Logdotzip was gone she ended up building a giant dirt dome house filled with a lot of different rooms and traps, ice, mobs, lava, skeletons, polar bears, zombies, and so much more. The girl Alex clearly has a lot of time on her hands. Please visit the channel to watch full thing.

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