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The blocky shapes such as squares and rectangles are relatively easy to create in Minecraft. On the other hand, other shapes such as circles and triangles are more difficult to create. Although there can never be a perfect circle or perfect triangle in Minecraft, but there is the tutorial shows the closest to a circle or triangle you can create. Any blocks are able to be used when you are creating the shapes from that tutorial, with the exception of sand, gravel, or concrete powder if the shape includes height as one of its dimensions.


Knowing how to create the circles and triangles can be very beneficial if you often create them. Although knowing how to create these shapes will not help you at all with survival skills, when you are making statues, pixel art, house, large fountains, adding triangles and circles to your building is going to give it much more depth.

When you know how to create certain shapes, so you are able to create an infinite number of things, and impress other players greatly. Several ideas include a statue made only of triangles, a mansion that looks like a giant sphere from the outside, or a giant oval arm. There are lots of possibilities of things to build when you do not have to stick to building the squares and rectangles. Please use your creativity.

Apparently, there are two main categories of shapes. Those are 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional. You have to note that 2 dimensional shapes consist of only 2 of the following: height, length, or width. While 3 dimensional shapes consist of all 3. Usually, 3 dimensional shapes are either a combination of two different 2 dimensional shapes, or two 2 dimensional shapes of the same type but rotated different ways. To create specific shapes, read on.

Talking about Minecraft shape, in this article, we are going also to inform you about Minecraft shape generator. Based on the research, there are some Minecraft shape generator that you are able to use. Well, in the text below, you are able to know them.


Shape Generator is a tool to build geometrical shapes. For now, it features circles, spheres and lines.


  • Up to 110 blocks in diameter.
  • 18s of build time.
  • Customizable material.


  • Up to 110 blocks in diameter.
  • 18m to 60m build time.
  • Customizable material.


  • Unlimited length
  • 2 blocks/sec building speed.
  • Glass only.


Voxel Shape generator is a tool to make spheres and line in Minecraft. Originally, idea stolen from Neil Fraser, but recently inspired by friendly competition, Jesse whose Circle Generator seems a little two dimensional. For your information, this tool was updated on December 15, 2019.


This Plotz Modeller for Minecraft is another shape generator. It generate Spheres, Ellipsoids, Torus, ellipse, observatory, wizard tower, lighthouse, and giant snowman. If you want to make any shapes in Minecraft, so you are able to use this tool. Please launch Plotz Modeller for Minecraft by selecting the object you want to make.

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