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You surely know about Minecraft since this is one of popular games. A lot of people play this game and a lot of Youtubers also make videos about this game. But, how about Mr Doob? Is there are relationship between Mr Doob and Minecraft. We are going to explain about both of them here.

It seems that there is no relationship between Mr Doob and Minecraft. These things are two different things. When we search about Mr Doob Minecraft, there is not much results about relationship of these things. But, in Reddit, there is a participant which says that Minecraft chicken he made use Mr. Doob’s Voxels. So, it seems that the relationship between Mr Doob and Minecraft is that you are able to make minecraft thing in Mr. Doob Voxel. So what is actually Mr Doob Voxel?

If you access Mr Doob Voxel on Google, you are able to see that it is a grid and you are able to add the box on it. The look of Mr Doob Voxel is simple. You are able to see that it is just grid and then at the top of it there are some notes including colors from 0-9, how to add voxel, how to remove voxel and how to rotate the voxel. You are also able to share, save and clear the voxel there.

In the Mr Doob Voxel, you are able to add voxel by clicking on the grid. Then, if you want to remove the voxel, you have to press Shift + Click. If you want to rotate the voxel, you are able to drag it.

If you want to make something about Minecraft there, you are able to try it. If you do not know how to do it, you are able to join some forums about Minecraft and then you are able to ask other Minecraft players there about making Minecraft things in the Mr Doob Voxel. For your information, voxel represents a value on a regular grid and it is in three dimensional space. Usually, voxels are used in the visualization and analysis of medical and scientific data.

Mr. Doob, based on What Do I Know blog, was technical director of Arcade Fire’s The Wilderness Downtown. The Wilderness Downtown goes way more than Google Gravity. It is a project where Mr. Doob participated in with a lot of times. It is also known that Mr. Doob is from Barcelona. He did work for Google a while and he was working for Google when he did The Wilderness Downtown. Have you ever tried Google Gravity of Mr Doob? You are able to try it if you have not.

Meanwhile, Minecraft is a video game and it is developed by Mojang. It was made by Markus “Notch” Persson in the Java programming language and then it was launched as a public alpha for personal computers in 2009. This release was before officially being released in November 2011 with Jens Bergensten taking over development around then.

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