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Valorant is known as a class based tactical shooter game created by Riot Games. This one is finally in beta, meaning you are able to play it right now if you can get a hold of a key. How many keys of Valorant are available?

For those who have been worried that the beta spots were filling up, especially having been more and more people playing the game, please do not be panic. Early on, Riot Games confirmed that there are 75,000 spots available for the streamers of Twitch to snag the code.

How to download the beta? First of all, Valorant is only available on PC. so if you want to play the game on a console or a Mac, you are out of luck. For those who play on PC, here are the steps that you have to follow. The first thing that you have to do is to grab a Riot Games account from or login to an existing one. Then, sign up for Twitch or login to an existing one. The next thing that you have to do is to link both accounts. After that, watch Valorant streams on Twitch. Please keep an eye out for the drops enabled tag. Some streamers that will have drops include Neo, Ace, fl0m, Gotaga, Forsen, Taz, Mickalow, Summit1g, Timthetatman, DrLupo, Dizzy, and Hiko. If you get the drop, you will be able to follow steps in an email to get to play the game named Valorant.

What is the best settings to use graphics, audio, bindings, crosshairs, and so on? Tinkering these settings to best suit you is important, but some settings are going to be better no matter what kind of player you are. Please take a look at the settings you have to change to better your performance in Valorant.

Minimap is named as one of the most components of the game, especially since the beta just released. It is related to the pics. Knowing where you are relative to the map is the main point. Feel free to use the ability to do an ample amount of changes to your minimap and the ability to change the size of the map to however small or large you want. Please do not zoom the map into much, as it is able to play a big role in how the round unfolds, and if you are in need of it, you do not want to not be bale to see it. Aside from that, you are also recommended you keep the map on rotate, which is the default setting for Valorant. Then, the minimap will move and rotate in the path that you move in the game, which is a great feature to have.

Minimap (picts) is not the only thing that can be changed. There are also audio and video. Actually, there are not many changes that you can make for the audio components of the game. If you think the game is too quiet and it can be difficult to hear footsteps, you can adjust the in game volume settings just a bit.

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