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Preston is a YouTuber who produces mostly Minecraft gaming content. Formerly, he is known online as PrestonPlayz. Aside from that, Preston produces also the video games of Fortnite and Roblox and on his PrestonMobile and TBNRFrags channels. Recently, Preston plays Minecraft on Cosmic Prison. Well, here in this article, let us talking about that.

Before we continue to talk about how Preston plays Minecraft at Cosmic prison, we are going to explain what Cosmic Prison is. For your information, Cosmic Prisons is a Minecraft Prisons server made by PrestonPlayz and MrWoofless. According to the research, this server opened in 2016s, and features the most dynamic and unique prisons experience available today. Cosmic Prisons offers a place for everyone.

Some of Cosmic prison features include:

  • Custom Enchants.
  • Tiered mines with respawning ores.
  • Minable Meteorites and Meteors.
  • Turn on PVP on the whole map, excluding spawn.
  • The guards that protect you from the attackers.
  • Cells with custom defence or raiding system.
  • Outposts.
  • And more.

The news and updates about the server are posted on the Cosmic Prisons Website Server Announcements regularly. If you want to contribute to the Cosmic Prisons Wiki, so you are able to register, from there you are able to create a page and it is going to be approved by the moderators shortly.

Well, let us back to talk Preston Cosmic Prison. In this time, we are going to discuss about Preston Cosmic Prisons Episode 1. If you want to watch a video of Preston Cosmic Prisons Episode 1, so you are able to watch a video entitled “PrestonPlayz Cosmic Prisons Episode 1 to Episode 10”. That video was published on February 2, 2020. After you watch that video, you will be able to know how Preston plays Minecraft on Cosmic Prisons. Or simply, you are able to watch Preston Cosmic Prisons Episode 1 on the video of PrestonPlayz. The video entitled “Trapped in the Most Secure Minecraft Prison”. Let us check it out in the text below what Preston doing on Cosmic Prisons Episode 1.

Welcome to the cosmic prisons live stream where I have been trapped in the world’s most secure prison. But that is honestly okay because we are playing on cosmic which is pretty much the most amazing Minecraft present server the entire world and speaking of that we have just had a planet reset today which we are playing on right now. Brand new reset it’s the perfect time to join new features it is going to be so much fun. But, still I am trapped here so I must be very careful. I even see one of the admins in the chat typing which is amazing how is everybody doing today. Everybody can get some like hype in the chat. Get some fire in the chat. Everybody that would you know I would appreciate some fire mo G’s in the chat I mean we are live streaming guys like come on we got to get the fire mo G’s in the chat or something like that.

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