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Cosmic Prisons is a Minecraft Prisons server that made by MrWoofless and PrestonPlayz. Based on the research, this server opened on October 23rd, 2016. It features the most dynamic and unique prisons experience available right now. Home to multiple planets, each with the cultures, economies, communities, and more. Cosmic Prisons offers a place for everyone.

Apparently, there are some of the server features including custom enchants, tiered mines with re-spawning ores, minable Meteorites and Meteors, enabled PVP on the whole map excluding spawn, guards which protect you from the attackers, Cells with custom defense or raiding system, outposts and more. For your information, news and updates regarding the server are posted on the Cosmic Prisons Website Server Announcements regularly.

When you open this page, you may want to know some information related Preston plays Minecraft on Cosmic Prisons. There are some episodes of Preston Cosmic Prison. In this article, we are going to talk about Preston plays on Cosmic Prisons Episode 2. You may can go to Preston channel YouTube to find out that information. As we know that on PrestonPlayz channel, you will be able to watch the video how Preston plays Minecraft on Cosmic Prison. You have to know that Preston Cosmic Prisons episode 2 is entitled “I joined the richest Minecraft Prison gang”. Apparently, there are some Youtubers who published that video. If you want to know that video, you are able to watch that video now. In the text below, we are going to share how Preston Cosmic Prisons Episode 2; I joined the richest Minecraft Prison gang. Just look at the text below.

Welcome everybody that zone to cosmic prisons and we are on sovereign planet right yes. Welcome to the gang known as TBD this is our current gang for this season by the way if you do G top right now, we are apparently already the second highest game to have a cell. We have a cell okay. I was just making, I was making sure so we are gonna how do I rename to later tots is with a no rights tater tots. Yeah, let’s see, let’s go boys the tater tod. First of all we can just go over everybody’s level really fast apparently lad. Okay step up if you guys are already above level 80. Oh my God dude. Okay, step further if you are passed, if you were level 90 or above. We have got the two carries of the gang right here both of these guys are already level 90 or higher and then you guys right here bike to whatever you are in a bud 80, so it is still really high level. Then, you can wing slash all over you 56 in a minute. My app Louis I thought your name is Apple rifle what was over you buzz 55. Okay alright so I am definitely the weakest link by far at least I know that I have a second weakest link.

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