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Hoodie is the most favorite items on the store owned by Preston Playz called Preston Stylez. For those who love to play games and love to watch Preston Playz playing games, getting a merch such as Preston Playz hoodie is a must.

Every hoodie has the official “Fire” logo of Preston Playz so it is kind of exclusive. There are a lot of options of Preston hoodie that you can purchase. Those inlcude Frozen Flame Hoodie, Fire Smile Hoodie, Ice Cream Flame Hoodie, Pizza Hoodie, Fire Brick Hoodie, Original Hoodie, Sky Blue Hoodie, Red Camo Hoodie, Orange Camo Hoodie, Signed by Preston White Hoodie, Black Hoodie White Flame, Zip Up Black Hoodie, Short Sleeve Hipster Hoodie, Red Hoodie, Purple Hoodie, Gray Tie Dye Hoodie, Light Gray Hoodie Blowout Sale, and Charcoal Gray Hoodie.

Each hoodie costs $45.00 USD, except for the Shite Hoodie signed by Preston ($65.00 USD), and some hoodie on sales such as Purple Hoodie, Light Gray Hoodie Blowout Sale, and Charcoal Gray Hoodie.

As you can guess from its name, Purple Hoodie is purple with yellow, orange and red flames on it. it is unisex so everyone can wear it. The item originally costed $45.00 USD but now it can be purchased with only $24.99 USD. However, it is only available in two sizes, adult large and adult XL.

Just like Purple Hoodie, Light Gray Hoodie Blowout Sale also used to cost $45.00 USD. The price went down to $24.99 USD. The hoodie is not available in adult x-small but is available in adult small, adult medium, adult large, and adult XL. There are a plenty of selections of the size.

Charcoal Gray Hoodie ($24.99 USD) has the same price as the Purple Hoodie and the Light Gray Hoodie Blowout Sale. The available sizes of the item include adult XS, adult small, and adult XL, meaning it is not available in adult large.

For those who are not sure about the size, you can check it out here.

Chest 18 ½ 20 21 ½ 23 24 ½
Sleeve Length 34 ¼ 35 35 ¾ 36 ½ 37 ¼
Body Length at Back 28 ½ 29 29 ½ 30 31

Before purchasing the Preston Playz Fire Hoodie for sale, please take a note about the shipping. Apparently, all domestic orders (United States) may take up to 7 to 10 days for domestic shipping and handling. If you choose Priority of Priority Express shipping, Prestons Stylez will ship your package out with the shipping method paid for after it has gone through the handling process. As for the international order, the good news is that Prestons Stylez have now in introduced the fastest speed of 1 to 3 days for all international orders through DHL Worldwide.

For more information about Preston Playz Fire Hoodie for sale and the other hoodies on the marketplace, please visit the official website of Preston Stylez. If you have any question, lease contact them.

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