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Are you ready to prepare when Advent time is coming up. As we know that Christmas has passed for three month ago. But, there are some people who perpetuate the Advent time in some ways. One of them is PrestonPlayz that has shared the best Minecraft videos in Advent time. So, let’s check it out!!!

Having a YouTube Channel, it makes Preston getting a chance to create a video related to an event on current time. One of them is Advent time which has seized the Christians’ attention. AS we know that Advent is an agenda in welcoming the Christmas Day. Of course, most of people have preparation to hold the Advent time.

So as for Preston that has had some gorgeous Minecraft Videos which he created on Advent time. They are:

  • How to Craft a $1,000,000 Christmas Sword *Overpowered* Minecraft 1.13 Crafting Recipe

The first best Minecraft video can be watched on Preston YouTube Channel. The video has been watched for more than 2.4 billion views. This video was published on December 1, 2018. He shared for the tricks on how to craft a $1 billion Christmas Sword in Minecraft. You are able to watch this awesome video at:

  • I cheat Using Minecraft Hacks Againts My Best Friend with PrestonPlayz

The second video about best Minecraft in Advent time is titled I cheat Using Minecraft Hacks Againts My Best Friend. On his video, he gave a clue when he used a cheat to againts his friends on Minecraft. The video has been published on December 2, 2018 and has been watched for about 3.2 billion views. if you want to imitate his cheat, watch it at this link:

  • I Found My Best Friend’s Secret Base in Outer Space

Of course, in Advent time, he always shared some fun video that can make viewers laughing with his auction. In this video, he shared for the way in finding his best friends in secret base in outer space. Certainly, it can be something funny for everyone who watch his video. This video has been watched more than 700K views. Are you interested to watch this video, click this link at:

  • How to Craft a $1,000,0000 God Pickaxe

You probably want to craft in Minecraft for $1,000,000, don’t you? Of course, on his video, you can imitate the ways for the tips. Certainly, it is not a hard job at all if you are paying attention on his video  titled How to Craft a $1,000,0000 God Pickaxe! *Overpowered* (Minecraft 1.13 Crafting Recipe). Click this link to watch it:

  • Minecraft Noobs vs PRo Giant Rainbow Cube

Noob and Pro definitely cannot be separated for each existence. For simpler, Noob means newcomers and Pro means veteran palyer on a game. In Minecraft, you are probably a veteran player, but you may want to be a noob for a while. So, it is an easy way, dude! By watching his video titled Minecraft Noobs vs PRo Giant Rainbow Cube, of course, you can get a chance to be a Noob and Pro. Check it at:

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