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Videos about prank is often viral nowadays. As you know that if someone pranks others, people who watch it will feel entertained since they are able to see the expression of the one who is being pranked. We also will curious what kind of respond which will be done by the one who is pranked in the video. Some people will cry when they are pranked, but some others just got surprised with it. Now, how about doing prank in a game?

Do you know Preston Blaine Arsement? He is popular for his Youtube channel named PrestonPlayz. Actually he has 5 Youtube channels including PrestonPlayz, Preston, TBNRFrags, PrestonGamez, and PrestonMobile. In each channel, he serves different videos.

  • Preston channel is about his real life such as challenges and vlogs usually featuring his family and friends.
  • TBNRFrags channel is about Call of Duty but recently he also make videos about Fortnite gameplay.
  • PrestonGamez channel is about non-Minecraft related games.
  • PrestonMobile channel is about Roblox game.
  • PrestonPlayz channel is about Minecraft and also now he does Java edition videos there.

If you like watching videos about prank, you can try to watch videos of PrestonPlayz about prank Noob1234 in Minecraft. In the PrestonPlayz channel, you can find some videos about prank Noon1234 and here they are.

  • A video entitled 7 Ways to Prank Noob1234 in Minecraft which was uploaded on November 28th, 2019.
  • A video entitled 7 Ways to Prank Noob1234’s Minecraft House which was uploaded on December 22nd, 2019.
  • A video entitled 7 Ways to Prank Noob1234’s Girlfriend in Minecraft! which was uploaded on January 22nd, 2020.
  • A video entitled 7 Ways to Prank Noob1234’s Girlfriend’s Minecraft House! *funny* which was uploaded on February 26th, 2020.

You may want to see a video of PrestonPlayz where he tries to payback the Noob1234. Then you are able to watch his video entitled 7 Ways to Prank Noob1234 on his PrestonPlayz channel. In the video, he says that this is the revenge for Noob1234 because long time ago, Noob1234 logged into Preston’s SMP server and it was annoyed him.

The first thing that he does to prank Noob1234 is to place the chest down. Then, when he opens that, he will fall down into the dangerous pit of lava down below. Then, he also put a diamond in the chest because Noob will do anything for one diamond. After that, he also put two signs over there obviously. It is going to say free diamond. Then, the Noob1234 comes to Preston’s place and you are able to see that the prank for Noob1234 works. He fall down to the chest after he opens it.

But, Preston does not seem to be satisfied and he still need more revenge for Noob1234. So, he creates easy parkour so that Noob1234 will take the bait. He makes the trap again for prank. Then, Noob1234 tries to pass the parkour but he cannot do it. It seems that the parkour that is created by Preston is too hard so during passing the parkour, Noob1234 always falls. But, then the Noob1234 can do it and he goes to the end of the parkour and step to the trap and he falls down.

Do you want to see what happened again in the video? You can watch the video until the end to see whether the revenge of Preston for Noob1234 works 100% or not.

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