PrestonPlayz Roblox Flee the Facility Glitch

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How did you know about Preston? Are you so excited if you hear the Preston name? What is the relationship between Preston and yourself? If you want to have a great relationship with him, definitely, it is so normal because many gamers around the world really desire to have a relationship with him.

If we talk about Preston, automatically, we can easily recognize that he is a great professional gamer and YouTuber at once. Preston is well-known with his videos on some YouTube channel that show for his gameplay in playing some hottest games. The games that he played are Fortnite, Minecraft, Roblox and others. Of course, as a gamer, you will desire to have a relationship with him.

Although he shared for some popular games in his YouTube channel, but we will focus explaining for his gameplay in Roblox. As we know that Roblox game has been successful in attracting many gamers around the world to play this game. That’s no wonder because Roblox provides many game genres in which it allows the members to choose the genre based on their passion.

That’s also one of Preston reason to share his gameplay in his official channel. You may know that Preston has some YouTube channels which contain certain content especially for game. Before he announced for his official YouTube channel in Preston and PrestonPlayz, he also has other YouTube channel that focus of sharing for Roblox game. The channel name is PrestonMobile. This channel has been subscribed for about 2.14 million users.

If you visit his YouTube channel, you will see many videos with Roblox content. Certainly, for Roblox player, his channel can be used for them to learn and practice in increasing the skill in Roblox. However, Preston is popular as a best-competitive player in Roblox. So, it is no wonder if his video contents in PrestonMobile channel are exactly excellent.

One of excellent Roblox video from Preston is about the Flee the Facility Glitch. As veteran Roblox player, you probably have known that Flee the Facility is a teamwork-based game in which the four players are designated to be survivors. Then, they have to work together to cheat 3-5 computers depending on the number of survivors as well. They do hacking around the map and escape through one of two exist which are highlighted after the 5 computers have been hacked.

Then, to share his gameplay when doing glitch in Flee the Facility, Preston initiate to upload his video titled GLITCHING ROBLOX to ESCAPE THE BEAST! (Flee The Facility). The video showed when he hacked the 5 computers in a time with fast time. He was totally able to finish his goal to hack all computers.

The video has been watched by 1.8 million viewers with 30K likes. Of course, many Roblox players are joined to watch his video about Flee the Facility because he gave the tips and trick to hack all computers easily with fast time. If you also want to know the ways on how he hacked the all computers, you can watch the video at

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