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PrestonPlayz is one of popular YouTuber who plays a variety of games, with one of them being Minecraft. Based on the research, he began his channel on March 3, 2018. Also, he plays a wide range of games on Roblox. He participated in RB Battles. We get information that he made a Roblox group named “#FIRENATION”. Besides, he also has another group called as “THE BLOX GUYS” where he worked with other group members to create a game named “Frenzy”.

On his YouTube channel, you will be able to find some scary Minecraft videos. When you come to this page, you may be curious about scary Minecraft videos of Preston. If so, now you are able to go to YouTube and open his YouTube channel. There are scary Minecraft videos such as ” Do Not Play This Minecraft Map at 3:00AM”, “Do Not Enter This Basement at 3am (Minecraft Secret Recording)”, ” How To Play as Slenderman In Minecraft” and more. Just check it out!

Talking about Scary Minecraft Videos, you may want to know some information related the scariest things in Minecraft. Well, in this article, we are going to share them.


During a thunderstorm, if lightning strikes a horse, it is going to make an eerie skeleton horse. While these horses can be tamed, you only might find the rest of your animals running scared if you bring it back to your homestead. As creepy as the animal is, it will makes an impression for any player found riding one into battle.


Discs 11 and discs 13 have been a mystery. You have to know that Disc 13 contains eerie ambient music, while Disc 11 does not have any music at all. Instead, 11 holds the sounds of heavy breathing, running, and blocks breaking. Lots of people said that when played together, disc 11 and disc 13 make a fuller picture of this mysterious story.


Good interior design has become something of a badge of honor for lots of Minecraft players. Many YouTube videos show incredible structures with elaborate designs. Minecraft offers a number of pre-made paintings for helping them decorate. While some of these seem innocent enough, others are downright creepy.


Some biomes in Minecraft are so rare that lots of casual players never know they exist. The Badlands Biome is one of these. With multicolored terracotta layers, these biomes are stunning to behold. The only issue with their strange beauty is that the numerous abandoned mine shafts found there are incredibly eerie.


As creepy as the enemies in Minecraft. They only show up at night, giving you a brief respite. On the other hand, there are the enemies that can show up out of the blue and destroy a player’s city with no warning. While trying to take on a raid single-handedly can be a task too monumental for lots of players. By obtaining a woodland map from a cartographer, players can locate the woodland mansions.

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