PS4 Error Np-39225-1 (How to Fix)

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There are some errors which usually found in PS4. One of the errors is NP-39225-1. When you find an error on your PS4. What do you feel and do? Being annoyed, of course. But, to do anything to try to fix it maybe some of you are afraid that you will make any mistakes and make the issue worse.

The first thing that you need to know about this error is about the meaning of the error itself. Np-39225-1 error code on PS4 correlates to a problem with the Internet connection on the PS4. It is posted  in the Help Library over on the Playstation support site. It is advised that you are able to check the current PSN server status over at the Playstation site and also the game server status at the site of the game. Also, you are able to double check the internet connection that you have on your PS4 by heading to Settings, Network and Test Internet Connection. Here are the steps that we find in the Playstation site to fix this error.

  • The first thing that you have to do is to check the PSN status at and also the game server status at their website.
  • After that, if you found that the server is active and still getting this error, you have to go to Settings, Network, and then go to Test Internet Connection and you have to check your Internet connection status.
  • Now, you have to adjust your network settings: Update the router to the recent firmware. Then, you can try after a while because the local network may be busy temporarily.

According to another source, you are also able to do these things to be able to fix Np-39225-1 error code.

  • First, you are able to go to the system Settings, and then you can go to Management and choose Sign Out.
  • Now, you have to hold the Playstation button to be able to access the Quick Menu and then choose Power and Log Out of PS4.
  • In this step, you have to restart the Playstation 4 system.
  • On the page of the startup login, you have to choose Options, and then choose Log In With Online Status.
  • Now, you have to be back in the system, go back to Settings, Account Management and then choose Sign In.

Try these methods and we hope that they can help you to get rid of this error. If you still face this error after you tried these methods, then you are able to ask other people first. You can come to a forum and make a thread about it. Or, you can ask your friends who also use PS4, who knows that they have faced this kind of error and they can help you to fix it.

However, if then you have tried anything to fix this error but it does not give you a good result which means that you still face Np-39225-1 error code, you are able to contact to PS4 support.

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