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Adopt Me! refers to a roleplay game made by DreamCraft. This game is able to be considered a spiritual successor to Adopt and Raise a Baby. It features two roles. The first one is baby and the second one is parent, the one who cares for the baby. Some other features are pets, obbies, and customizable houses.

Pets in the game are cute, adoptable animals that the players are able to care for. All of them were added in the June 2019 update, via the Pets section of the backpack was added long before that. Hatching Eggs is the main way to unlock pets and operate similarly to Gifts.

You are able to purchase the Hatch Egg Now for 45 per egg (that hatches the egg instantly), or you are able to complete the needs of the egg until it is ready to hatch. Here are the Roblox Adopt Me pets eggs for sale:

Egg Price Chance of hatching a legendary Rarity Available Right Now
Starter Egg 0 Bucks (is able to be only obtained once) N/A Common ü  (Cannot Be Bought)
Cracked Egg 350 Bucks 1.5% Common ü
Pet Egg 600 Bucks 3% Rare ü
Aussie Egg 750 Bucks 3% Legendary ü  (Aussie)
Royal Egg 1,450 Bucks 8% Legendary ü
Golden Egg Golden Egg: 660 Stars Players have a 100% chance of getting a legendary. Legendary ü
Diamond Egg Diamond Egg: 1,320 Stars ü
Easter 2020 Egg 0 Bucks (is able to be only obtained once) N/A Common ü

There are 5 kinds of pets in Roblox Adopt Me. Those include common, uncommon, are, ultra-rare, and legendary. The type of pet you get is mostly dependent on chance. Basically, the more expensive your egg is, the greater chance you have of hatching rarer pets. Currently, there are 48 total pets that you are able to hatch.

The player is able to only get Safari pets from the Safari Eggs; likewise, you are able to only get Jungle pets from Jungle Eggs. This pattern continues with the other limited Eggs, including the Farm Egg, Aussie Egg, and Christmas Egg. On the other hands, there are a few pets that cannot be hatched from eggs such as Penguin, Golden Penguin, Sloth, Zombie Buffalo, Shadow Dragon, Bat Dragon, Evil Unicorn, Bee, King Bee, Horse, Griffin, Queen Bee, Frost Dragon, Elf Hedgehog, Elf Shrew, Reindeer, Santa Dog, Panda, Rat, Golden Rat.

Aside from the pets, there are some special pet items for sale. The first one is Ride A Pet Potion. This one is available for 150 Robux and is able to be bought the Shop menu or inside the Potion Shop. The second one is Fly A Pet Potion. This one is available for 295 Robux and is able to be bought through the shop menu or inside the Potion Shop. The third one is Golden Goldfish. This one costs 225 Robux. The fourth one is Honey. The fifth one is Rat Box. You can purchase it for 345 Robux.

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