Roblox Bloxburg Picture ID Codes

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In Bloxburg game, you are able to put pictures. What kind of pictures do you want to put in Bloxburg? Whatever pictures that you need, you will need the ID to use the pictures. Here, you will be informed about the picture IDs that you are able to use in Bloxburg game.

Bloxburg is a Town and City game where you are able to build and design your house, hang out with friends, have a cool vehicle, work, roleplay and even explore the city of Bloxburg. This game is able to be played by 12 players in each server and now this game has been visited more than 2 billion times.

Do you want to put some pictures in the building of Bloxburg? Here are the IDs of some pictures that you are able to use for Bloxburg.

  • Girl with bun : 736097151

This is a girl picture wearing black CK t-shirt with hair bun on her head and also a glasses on her face.

  • Pastel Macarons : 975263957

In this picture, there are a lot of colorful macaroons including pink, light purple and light green.

  • Girl with Adidas : 744972947

In this picture, there is a girl looking down and she is wearing Adidas t-shirt and Adidas cap.

  • Pastel Oreos : 975281639

In this picture, there are oreos in pastel colors.

  • Heart Pastel Donuts : 952266727

In this picture, there are heart donuts in pastel colors.

  • Pinky Grey Marble Pineapple : 1510211875

This is a picture of pineapple in pink and grey colors.

  • Think Happy Be Happy : 326734403
  • Pastel Orchids : 952258478
  • Girl with Glasses : 1154176668

In this picture, there is a girl with long hair and she is wearing a glasses.

  • Pastel Beach : 2182185812

In this picture, there is a sea with pastel sky.

  • Stay Beautiful : 375691024
  • Zzz : 1084855038
  • Be you. Do you. For you. : 843179349
  • Cutie : 411091457
  • Angel Wings : 1101188956
  • In this picture, there are a pair of wings which the border is white.
  • Daisies : 1311775605

In this picture, there are three flowers.

  • USA Map : 1784392966

This is a USA map in brown color.

  • Ocean : 1302703328

In this picture, there is beach with sea water and this picture looks fresh since the colors are calming.

These pictures are based on TheGoldenFamily1 Youtube channel entitled 20 Bloxburg Aesthetic Decal ID’s! which was uploaded on October 7th, 2018. If you like these pictures or you want to know the pictures of these IDs, you are able to try to use the code one by one.

If you need more decals, you are able to search on Roblox Library. Or, you are also able to search on other Youtube videos because usually on Youtube videos they show you not only the codes but also the pictures so that you will know the appearance of the pictures resulting from the codes.

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