Roblox Egg Hunt 2020 All Eggs List

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We are taking a look at all of the information surrounding the Roblox Egg Hunt in 2020. We have all eggs list that you can collect. For your information, you are able to start collecting the eggs as of April 6th, 2020. The event will last for three weeks, and end on April 28th, 2020. Therefore, you only will have a bit of time to collect all eggs in the games of Roblox.


Deteggtive W. Wolf

This deteggctive will crack the case or fry trying.

  • Adopt Me, Chick!

Hatch the Easter 2020 Egg to get it.

  • Egg of Hearts

Collect 5 heart shards from enemies in the Dark Forest.

  • Eggmunition

Killing an enemy player may give you this egg.

  • Royal Egg of the Bearers.

Find a key in the map will unlock the door in the lobby.

  • Swarming Egg of the Hive

Help three bears capture chicks.

  • Brainfreeze Egg

Defeat the Deviled Egg.

  • Egg of Hidden Treasures

This egg is full of gold and jewels.

  • Eggsplosive Artifact of Energy

Collect 15 Energy Cores in the rounds.

  • Dragon Eggventures

This egg was discovered during a challenge.

  • Samurai Egg

This is a fierce, loyal protector of the Shellgunate.

  • Eg

This one has no legs that makes it a normal egg and an unusual eg.

  • Chocolate Bunny Egg

Complete all ten tasks to get it.

  • Epic Egg

This egg is in the Juggernaut minigame.

  • Marine Egghibit

You know that Fish eggs are a delicacy.

  • Ghastly Egg

You can get it on the game of Ghost Simulator.

  • Heroic Egg of Owlsomeness

You are a real hoot.

  • Wicked Egg of Calamity

You can get it on the game of Hotel Stories

  • Invasion Egg

Finish your breakfast and get to it.

  • Lost Egg of the Minery

Find the egg by talking to the special NPC.

  • The Eggtherian

Feast your eyes on this artistic masterpiece.

  • Shady Subjeggct

As murderer, kill the person with the egg for a head.

  • My Droplegg

Dropleggs are falling on my head.

  • Egg of the High Skies

Build a plane and fly to the floating island.

  • Gourmet Egg

You can get it on the game of Restaurant Tycoon 2.

  • Despacitegg

A gift from the Spider Lord himself.

  • Eggobot

Get 15 golden eggs hidden across the map.

  • Eggchanted

These magical eggs grow above the chicken coops.

  • Saber Boss Egg

It is a powerful egg.

  • Egg of Cthulhu

This is an ancient Egg of Cthulhu.

  • Egg of the Shard Seeker

A relic forged from the Shards.

  • Eggraging Shark of the Sea

Help! I am getting eaten alive.

  • Britannegg

This egg is only for the most seafaring of Robloxians.

  • Eggcicle

Ride off all ramps on the map.

  • Eggcentric Time Capsule

Get the egg and make it to the end of new “Heist” map.

  • Roundcat Egg

Collect 50 striped eggs by killing the players.

  • Supercharged Striker Egg

Break open the egg when it spawns.

  • iEgg 12 Max Pro

The latest in egg phone technology.

  • Doc Holidegg

Find this Egg Temple and complete the Obby.

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