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So far, you may be looking for some information about RAP finder since you want to know the RAP of your Roblox account. So, what is RAP in Roblox actually? And then, where can we find the RAP finder? Let’s find out the answer here.

RAP is a short for Recent Average Price and it is what calculated in trades and an average selling price of each individual limited item. An RAP limited item is reflected by how much it sells for on the catalog, trades for and its daily amount of copies sold averagely. A limited is able to sell for above or below its RAP, and both will affect its Robux value. In case it sells above its corresponding RAP, then it will increase. In case it sells below, then it will decrease. It depends on how much it is sold for.

Do you want to know how to find RAP of the item that you have in Roblox? To be able to find how much an item will raise or lower can easily be interpreted. You have to subtract the lowest selling price from the current RAP and then you have to divide that result by 10. After that, you have to round it to a whole number. When it is calculated, the number that you get is estimated to be how much Robux will effectively ascend or descend the limited’s RAP when it is sold. If you want to know the examples of ascending and descending of it, you can access the Roblox Wikia about Recent Average Price.

If we talk about RAP in Roblox, there is a site about it. Have you heard about Rolimons site? This site is a community-driven source of reliable values, data and updates for Roblox limited items and helpful trading information. In this site, there are some menu that you are able to access and those are Catalog, Players, Games, Trade ads, Leaks, Deals, Leaderboard, Trade Calculator, Recent Changes, Market Activity, and Item Table.

In the Catalog menu, you can browse items with thumbnail images and narrow your search with filtering and sorting. In the Players menu, you are able to check your item inventory, value and other stats or track your progress with their player history chart. In Games menu, you are able to find in-depth Roblox game stats with Rolimon’s game analytics. In the Trade Ads, you are able to find active traders of the items that you are searching through trade ads. In the Leaks menu, you can see upcoming Roblox items before they are released. To see more functions of each menu, you can access the site directly.

What about Trade Calculator menu? In the Rolimon’s site, Trade Calculator menu is used to calculate the value and RAP of any Roblox trade. So, this can be used as RAP finder. If you want to know the RAP of certain item in Roblox, then you are able to use this menu in Rolimon’s site. So, access the site now and find out the RAP of the item that you are looking for.

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