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Teapot Turret refers to a hat that was originally published into the Roblox catalog by clockwork on July 10, 2007. On August 2, 2016 the ownership of this item was moved to the Roblox account. This one is very exclusive item that is only awarded to certain administrators and selected users. As of November 11, 2019, the hat has been favorited 15,698 times.

The Teapot Turret is not able to be seen on your head in the game. this one grows to incredible size and floats around the stage. The item comes with a teapot launcher, a gravity hammer, a string of balefire, a column generator and some other tools. A few of the tools are currently broken due to new scripting updates and lack of maintenance of the part of the turret. It is one of the new hats that gives the user tools upon being worn, even though only those who are authorized in the scripts are able to use its tools.

The tools that are given when you wear the Teapot Turret include Spinfire, Katon Goukakyou No Jutsu, Fire Shield, and Gravity Hammer. Please take a note that the player using the turret is not affected bu the explosions. Aside from that, the explosions are able to kill the players, even when they are protected from Forcefields.

Fire Shield creates a shield of explosions around you. Apparently, players will only get killed from the explosions, meaning trying to be near to someone will not kill them. Katon Goukakyou No Jutsu or Fire Style Fireball Jutsu creates an explosion like that plays Katon Goukakyou No Jutsu. Teh thing is from the Naruto anime and spoken by the character Sasuke. Spinfire makes a single explosion over the head of the player with the Rocket whoosh 0.1.wav sound. It kills players in close proximity. Gravity Hammer spawn separately with the teapot turret. This one is able to launch players far away, possibly killing them. You need to know that trying to obtain the hammer without the turret will kill the player.

What is the Roblox ID of Roblox Teapot Turret? If you want to now the Roblox ID of Teapot Turret, first of all, you can go to Roblox catalog. Then, find the Search bar and type “Teapot Turret” as the keyword. Aside from that, you can also go to your favorite browser. Then, type “Roblox Teapot Turret”. Among the results, you will be able the one page of Teapot Turret from the official website of Roblox. This kind of ID is able to be found in the URL. The Roblox ID of it is 1055299. Roblox catalog is not the only place to find the Roblox ID of Teapot Turret. There are some places that provide the Roblox ID for items, songs, and so on. One of the most popular is called Roblox ID. it is a simple site that will not require you to log in to the site to get the access.

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