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When you get started interested in Roblox, definitely you will be ready to know about Roblox for detail. However, it is such a good way for you when interested in to look for anything about Roblox including games, audio, items and many more.

Surely, learning and searching for the any information about Roblox is not totally wrong for you. Why? It is because there will be many new terms, objects and anything on Roblox that has certain meaning. The meaning of any objects in real life may be different from the meaning on Roblox. So, you probably will be confused when you just play Roblox in recognizing any terms of Roblox.

Surely when you play Roblox, you may find lots of new-confusing terms. But, it does not have to make you give up on Roblox. However, it is so better for you to start looking for the meaning of terms in order to make you understand well.

One of the terms on Roblox that probably make you a bit confused is Shattered Chains. If you are searching its terms on Roblox, you may not find the meaning exactly. So, it will be hard for you to find it because it is not exact definition at all.

The Shattered Chains on Roblox is divided into two part: Shattered and Chains. As long as we are getting in touch on Roblox, unfortunately we cannot find those two words that refer to one meaning.

In Roblox, Shattered refers to any definition. Here are the results:

Shattered refers to a Roblox clothing including shirt, pants and others. If you are searching for shattered on Roblox, you probably will find some results.

  • Shattered Shirt: The first result refers to a shirt that come from zozoezos. The shirt looks like a glass when it hits the floor. So, it shatters.
  • Shattered glass: It refers to Roblox decal that you can use to image an objects. This decal was created by ohadqumpo on January 18, 2010.
  • Shattered Game: There is a Roblox game called Shattered that was created by gopherberry. Unfortunately, there is no explanation for the game at all.

After you find the meaning of Shattered that refers to certain object. Now, you can find the the term of Chain that refers to any objects on Roblox.

  • Chain$$ Group: You may find this term on Roblox that refers to a Roblox group with 10 members inside.
  • Chains T-shirt: You can also find the term of chain that refers to the Roblox clothing. This chains is a kind of Roblox T-shirt that was created by Ghost47607 on June 29, 2017.
  • Chained Chaos Wings: This is involved as a Roblox accessory that you can wear to dress your character up. This was created by Roblox sold at 130 price.
  • Gold Chain Sunglasses: This is a kind of Roblox accessory to cover the character’s eyes. This was also made by Roblox sold at 300 price.

Once, if you are looking for the Shattered Chain, you will not find it anymore. As we stated above the Shattered Chain refers to two parts which are divided to several meanings anymore. So, we apologize that we can give you an exact result for it. We guess that lots of Roblox players are wrong of typing the keyword, maybe!

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