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Skindex Minecraft Skins is the biggest collection of community generated Minecraft skins. For those who are looking for Minecraft skins, you can visit this place as it is one of the best and one of the most recommended.

Getting access to Skindex Minecraft Skins is easy. You do not need to sign in to the site to get the access or to download the content from this site. However, it is better for you to sign in first to get the better experience. To sign in, you can just find the Sign In button at the top right of the page. Then, enter yoru email or your username and the password.

If you are new to Skindex Minecraft Skins, here are all the things that you need to know:

  1. How to change the skin of the character on

Choose the Upload to Minecraft button that can be found on the right side of any skin’s detail page of your choice. You will be after logging in there, proceed to choose “change” skin. When you enter Minecraft, the in-game skin will be changed.

  1. How to change manually the skin of character on

Choose the Download option, the .png of the skin will then be downloaded onto your computer. You are able to upload it manually onto Choose the skin file that has been downloaded and upload.

  1. What should be done to download skins onto your computer?

Choose the “Downloaded to computer” button that can be found on the right side of any skin’s page of your choice. Then, you will be prompted to save onto a directory in your computer of your choosing.

  1. How to change skins on Minecraft Pocket Edition?

After entering any skin’s page of the choice, choose Download. By choosing it, a new page will open your mobile browser. You need to hold down your finger on the image and choose “Save Image”. After that, the skin will be saved onto your mobile device. In this case, you can go back to Minecraft PE. On the main menu, please tap on the hanger icon followed by “Choose New Skin”.

  1. What should you do to keep track of skins that you like?

The Wardrobe function will help you to keep track of skins. It is always recommended to add skins into the wardrobe. Even if you change into another skin, you can always go back to the wardrobe page. To change it back, please select the skins.

  1. What should you do if you did not receive Activation link?

You can drop a mail at the Contact US form with your username or the email you used for signing up.

  1. Can you change your username?

Yes, while logged in, you can go to You will be able to see the option to change your username. However, you need to know that changing username is only allowed every 6 months to prevent abuse of this feature.

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