Songs That Are Uploaded to Roblox Got Talent

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There are many songs which are uploaded to Roblox Got Talent. You may come to this page to find out the information about that. You have come to the right page as here we are going to discuss about that. So, you do not go anywhere. Keep staying on this page.


You have to know that Roblox Got Talent is the Roblox version of the international Got Talent brand. Currently, it is uploaded to YouTube. As far now, it has no plans to debut on a TV network. Based on the research, since 2017, Roblox Got Talent has existed under numerous names such as “Talent on ROBLOX”. Now, the current name is “Roblox Got Talent”. Apparently, there are many people asking to audition that can be done on Roblox.


You may want to know how to apply audition of Roblox Got Talent? The most common way of applying is asking via Roblox. But, it has been known that an application has been submitted via their Discord. Although named “Friends Universe”, but is joinable by anyone. Discord is their preferred way for you to apply because Roblox’s hashtags” prevent several words. If you want to join their Discord, so you are able to apply here:¬† While if you want to join Roblox Got Talent group, so you are able to click this link;¬†


Now, we are going to share some songs that are uploaded to Roblox Got Talent. Just look at the text below:

  • Alone by Alan Walker.
  • Stronger Than You by Steven Universe.
  • Heart attack by Scarlxrd.
  • Hurt by Oliver Tree.
  • Sing me to sleep by Alan Walker.
  • One more night by Maroon 5.
  • Dance Again by Selene Gomez.
  • Vulnerable by Selene Gomez.
  • Never worn white by Katty Perry.
  • Stupid Love by lady Gaga.
  • I Love me by Demi Lovato.
  • You Should be sad by Halsey.
  • The Other Side by Justin Timberlake.
  • Break My Heart BY Diva Liva.

Well, the text above is a list of songs that are uploaded to Roblox Got Talent. Actually, there are still many other songs that are uploaded to Roblox Got Talent. To get more that information, you may can join to the group.

Talking about Roblox Got Talent, now you may also want to know the judges of Roblox Got Talent. Currently, judges of Roblox Got Talent as follows:

  • lDrGary is a judge of Roblox Got Talent. He is the main builder of the game and decides the judges and staff roles.
  • DRCarter649 is one of the Co-Owners of Roblox. He is a builder of the game and as a member of Roblox Dev Team.
  • stobartbgt is another judge on Roblox Got Talent. He is a builder of the game and is a member of Roblox Got Talent’s Admin Team. stobartbgt’s time of RGT started in February of 2018, making him the newest judge to RGT.

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