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TBNRFrags is one of Preston’s Youtube channels. If you often watch his channel, you may know about it. If we talk about TBNRFrags, you may also want to know whether we are able to download texture pack of TBNRFrags or not. Let’s find out here.

One of the sites that you can use for finding this TBNRFrags texture pack download link is Curse Forge site that you can access at curseforge.com. In this site, there is PrestonPlayz Texture Pack that you are able to download . In the description, it is written that it is PrestonPlayz texture pack for 1.8.x, 1.9.x and 1.14.x [32x and 64x]. In addition, it is also written that you are able to use this resource pack in video or modpack. You are able to check the official site at entitude.wixsite.com/prestonplayz if you want to download other versions. So, you can visit the site and you will find the download link for PrestonPlayz texture pack.

If you check on Youtube, you are also able to find some videos about TBNRFrags Texture Pack and usually in the description section, they attach the link for downloading it. What videos are they? Here are some videos about downloading TBNRFrags texture pack.

  • A video of Itz Deluxe entitled How To Download TBNRFrags/ PrestonPlayz Texture Pack which was uploaded on September 16th, 2015. In the description section of this video, there is a link to download TBNRFrags texture pack and the link goes to mediafire.com.
  • A video of BrandonDoesEverything entitled How To Download Preston’s (TBNRFrags) Texture Pack (With Download Link) which was uploaded on June 6th, 2014. In the description section of this video, there is download link but it seems that the link does not work anymore.
  • A video of MFTW entitled How To Get PrestonPlayz’s Texture Pack 1.9+[New] which was uploaded on November 8th, 2016. In the description section, he does not only give the download link but also the steps to download it.
  • A video of Tayler entitled How To Download PrestonPlayz Texture Pack on Minecraft PC! (1.12/ 1.11.2) which was uploaded on July 27th, 2017.

There are still  more videos about TBNRFrags download texture pack on Youtube and you are able to search by yourself to know more about it.

Based on the video of Itz Deluxe, if you want to download the TBNRFrags Texture Pack, the first thing that you have to do is visiting the link that he gave. It goes to meadiafire site and there is a download button to download TBNRFrags texture pack. When you are there, click on the Download button there so that it will be downloaded.

If the download process is done, then you can go to Download in your PC and drag TBNR file that you downloaded into your Desktop. Now, you are able to right click on the file and then click on Extract All. Then, there will be another folder. To use the texture, you can watch the video until the end so that you will not miss any steps.

If you want to download TBNRFrags texture pack, make sure that the link that you use is not scam or malware. So, you have to be careful with it.

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