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As a gamer either Minecraft or Fortnite, definitely, you will not be strange anymore with a guy named Preston. However, he always appears on a hottest game to share for his game-play or anything about game. Knowing about his life both of his personal life and in a game is exactly a must for you.

Recently, he is becoming popular with his videos related to the game called Minecraft. As we have known that this game is involved as a famous game in this decade. Certainly, before you are getting touch with Fortnite, you firstly know well with this game. In fact, Minecraft is a game which is played a lot by most of people who really love with a game.

Due to this game so gorgeous a lot, of course, it makes some professional-competitive players trying to make the videos about Minecraft. Most of them created the videos related to the game-play and share about the tips and tricks. We guess that a kind of this video is really popular and get lots of views, likes and comment at once. So, that’s no wonder if a player compete to create and upload his video on YouTube.

Of course, this chance does not want to be missed soon for a gamer named Preston. By his best play on Minecraft, it brings him to create video and share on his official YouTube Channel named Preston. On his channel, he has gotten for about 11.8 Million subscribers, that’s a fantastic amount, isn’t it?

On his channel, he shared for many kinds of videos, they are games, his personal life, real life videos, pranks and many more. Besides, he also focuses to share about his game-play in a certain YouTube channel, named Prestonplayz. So, if you want to watch his game-play, you can search his channel on YouTube.

He also has the best Minecraft Videos in the Prestonplayz channel. In the video,

  • 7 Ways to Prank Noob1234 in Minecraft

The first best Minecraft game is titled 7 Ways to Prank Noob1234 in Minecraft. This video has been watched for about 9.9 million views. This video has been published for three month ago but it has gotten many views as well.

  • 5 New Ores That Could Be in Minecraft 1.15!

If you want to watch the best video from Prestonplayz, of course, you can watch the video titled 5 New Ores that could be in Minecraft 1.15. This video was successful in attracting the viewers to watch a lot. However, he shared about his tips and tricks in planting Ores.

  • How to Craft a $1,000 GOD Chestplate! – Minecraft 1,14 Crafting Recipe

The next best Minecraft Prestonplayz video is a trick in how to craft a $1,000 GOD Chestplate. Of course, this video has many viewers because he presents tips and tricks videos. It has been watched more than 11 Million views with 11.4K comments.

  • 7 Ways to Steal My Little Brother’s Diamonds! Minecraft

This seems a kind of video about a cheat and hack. In this video, he shared some ways on how to steal the diamonds from his little brothers. This video has attracted lots of views for about 10.2 Million viewers.

Of course, there are still many attractive videos about Minecraft that you can get from his channel. So, for more detail, you are really suggested to watch the video from Prestonplayz YouTube channel.

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