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Unspeakable Gaming, Unspeakable, or Nathan, is the name of an American Minecraft Youtuber who uploads videos of him showcasing maps, playing with friends, doing a lot of challenges and games such as Do Not Laugh challenges, Hide and Seeks, playing Minecraft with fans on a server and many more.

The player is currently a member of The Squad with his fellow friends called MosseCraft and Shark but he and MooseCraft were members of the group named Proper Productions that has three channels: ProperIdiots, ProperLife, and ProperDummies. Aside from that, he is also one of the owners of a Minecraft server known as Play.LegacyMC.org which he shares ownership with both Moosecraft and Shark.

Beside Moosecraft and Shark, his Youtuber friends who usually appear on his channel on most of his uploads include FavreMySabre, CyclonePlays, ASWDFZCVBHGTYYN, Preston, Logdotzip, and SGC Barbarian. Furthermore, the man also collaborates with the Youtuber and Minecraft Map Maker named Euclides by reviewing maps he has made for him. In addition, the player also has opened a Google forum page. It is where his fans are able to submit their maps made for him. He currently has a game called ChaseCraft that is available on both the App Store and Google Play Store.

Unspeakable Gaming has had a few servers including his newest one called ChaseCraft (IP play.chasecraft.gg). The first video of him was on this server. That was a competition for a house though he did not seem to introduce it in some sort of way. The previous servers of Unspeakable Gaming either have shut down or are being fixed from griefing. The last one named play.legacymc.org was griefed by a mod but fixed shortly after. Then, the server got destroyed and all was left was bedrock. All the staffs and mods are on the case attempting to fix it but have not shown any evidence. Meanwhile, Unspeakable Gaming has ditched the server and has been said to not own the server anymore as states by a staff. His server before that SquadMC named IPlayMinecwaft has been permanently shut down. However, he never mentioned the loss of the server in any of his videos. Another server owned by him called CrazyWars (mc.crazywars.net) is still active to this day but has a little number of players. This one is able to reach from 10 to 100 a day, which is still very small for a server of Youtube.

What is the server PIN of Unspeakable Gaming Minecraft? There is a video posted by Unspeakable Gaming about him accidentally showing his server IP PIN. This one was uploaded on August 30, 2017. Since the first time it releases, it has gained 734,694 times and 16k likes.

Did Unspeakable Gaming really show his server IP or PIN accidentally? Unfortunately, he did not show his server IP PIN. At the time, he was trolling the whole viewers. If you want to know the details of the video, please go to his Youtube channel and watch it.

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