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UnspeakableGaming is Minecraft YouTuber who is often uploads the videos of him showcasing maps, doing the challenges and games like hide and seek. Also, uploads the viodes of playing with friends. Currently, he is a member of The Squad with his fellow friends, MooseCraft and Shark. UnspeakableGaming and MooseCraft are also as the members of Proper Productions that has three channels; ProperIdiots, ProperLife and ProperDummies. Besides, he is also one of owners of a Minecraft server named Play.LegacyMC.Org that he shares ownership with Shark and Moosecraft.

When you open this page, you may want to know how UnspeakableGaming plays the game of Hide and Seek. If so, we suggest you to visit his channel YouTube. On his channel YouTube, you are going to find some video games show about playing Hide and Seek in Minecraft. We will inform you a video of UnspeakableGaming entitled “I Trolled the Seeker!! Minecraft Hide and Seek Trap”. That video was published on January 14, 2019. It has 1,480,914 views. Apparently, UnspeakableGaming is enough pro playing the game of Hide and seek. To know how UnspeakableGaming play the game of Hide and Seek in Minecraft, just watch that video.


  • Firstly, you have to join a game. You will be put in the lobby which is not a lobby. It looks like an Olympic court. If you got the compass, you can choose which block you want to be after the world vote.
  • You have to get chosen as a random block. To run around and hide, you have thirty seconds. When you find a great hiding space, please stand in there and do not move your mouse. After five seconds, you are solid, so you are going to look like the block. Go to a fence and you will be attached.
  • Once the seeker is unleashed, you can try and look as innocent as possible. Afterwards, you get a knock back wooden sword. Sometimes the people stay at spawn point and try to kill the seeker. If the seeker comes close to where your hiding, so you don’t hit him.
  • When you get found, they will kill you with the sword and you die. Please re-spawn and you will be a seeker. In this case, you have ten seconds before unleashed. If you bought the seeker power ups before the game, so you can use it.
  • You have to consider about what blocks you are able to be on the game when you spawn, so you are going to know what to hit.
  • You have to swing your sword at every block which you find. Please, you have to be aware that you have a hit limit. If you find a hider, just hit it repeatedly until it’s dead. You need to do it quick because they will run away if they can.
  • Remember that the seekers may get killed. You will be able to attack if you are good at fighting and the group is less than four.

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