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Do you know about Try Not to Laugh challenge on YouTube? Apparently, you will be able to find lots of videos of Try Not to Laugh challenge on YouTube. For example, you are going to watch Try Not to Laugh challenge from UnspeakableGaming channel. By the way, do you know about UnspeakableGaming?


Nathan or Unspeakable is an American Minecraft YouTuber. He runs the “UnspeakableGaming” channel, and has appeared alongside George D. Millar in their 2016 Minecraft Daycare series. His personality and commentary has led to a large fan base and following. According to the research, he is one of the fastest growing YouTubers to date. He has a company and line of merchandise. In 2019 was worth $15 million dollars.


Unspeakable who have the real name Nathan, was born on December 05, 1997. He was raised in Houston, Texas. Growing up, he liked to play video games. He was a boy scout at around the age of 6. He finished high school, but made the choice to not continue to the college. Finally, he returned to Houston and bought a house, established a merchandise store. For your information, he has two cats: Simba and Simon. At the age of 15, Nathan learned about YouTube and made a YouTube channel titled “Mr. Gaming” which he ultimately deleted. He went on to make his “UnspeakableGaming” channel.


At a young age, Unspeakable believed that he would grow up to work on computers. Ultimately, he would be proved wrong. Originally, he had a channel named “Mr. Gaming 1000”. But, that channel has deleted, before he made his current channel named “UnspeakableGaming”, on October 2012. Later, on November 2012, Unspeakable uploaded his first video, as well as his first series “Minecraft Survival Island” on the channel.

In April 2013, Nathan made a map titled “Island Sprint Parkour” that became very famous, and was covered by YouTubers such as JerryVsHarry and JeromeASF. As a result, on April 2013, UnspeakableGaming channel quickly hit 100 subscribers. Then, in March 2015, he was awarded his first YouTube Silver Play Button. In May 2016, he created a channel titled “Unspeakable” that now used as a vlogging channel. The following month, Nathan and Moose joined the ProperIdiots, along with MeganPlays, AviatorGaming, and some others. But, the duo eventually left the group for some unspecified reason.

During the first months of 2017, he was awarded his first YouTube Gold Play Button, started releasing and selling merchandise on his website, and started uploading on a newly-created channel titled “UnspeakablePlays”. In 2018, Unspeakable was awarded the 100K plaque for the Unspeakable and Unspeakable Plays channel. On July, the main channel reached 100M views, and his vlog channel reached 1M subscribers.


On UnspeakableGaming channel, he uploaded many videos of Try Not to Laugh Challenges. One of videos is entitled “Impossible Try Not To Laugh Noob Vs Pro Challenge”. That video was published on February 22, 2019. It has 4,089,625 views. You are able to watch that video now to know how UnspeakableGaming doing “Try Not to Laugh” Challenge.

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