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Since its announcement in October, the excitement for Valorant of Riot Games has only gotten bigger. With the launch of its beta this past week, a lot of people gave spent many hours watching streams in the hope of gaining access to it.

Apparently, Valorant keys are able to only be obtained by watching Twitch streams after you have connected your Riot account, and it only happens randomly. The sad news is that it has also let to some people sharing or selling their accounts once they do get that much sought after Twitch Drop.

However, Riot is not happy about this. The developer has stated that it is banning Valorant accounts that are for sale on some websites. In addition, it is banning bot accounts made to make sure someone earns a beta key.

With the beta keys being really random, a few people made accounts to earn access, only to then share or sell them on websites like eBay. For those who go into eBay and type in “Valorant” as the keyword, you will see some listings show up. Some people have their accounts listed for $50, but the others go as high as $300. Riot Games does not appreciate this thing. The company is banning everything they find on websites and accounts that look suspicious.

Once again, Riot Games could be going a bit overboard with the bans. According to some users, the developer has been banning innocent gamers simply for sharing their login details with their family members and friends. This it to say, the action could be against their terms of service. however, only a person is able to be logged in at any given time. It seems like you are not allowed to share your Valorant beta account at all. A fair warning to everyone who is looking on doing that.

For your information, Valorant beta keys will release in waves throughout the rest of the week. In case you have ye to obtain one for yourself, please continue to watch sponsored streams. The developer has assured fans that it aims to have as many people join the beta as possible.

In case you are still tempted to risk buying an account online, here is another word of warning. There is no guarantee that the buyer will be fourth coming with the account when you buy it. another popular game called Fortnite had a similar issue last year when players started selling or sharing accounts that had desired skins. After the Fortnite account was sold, a few sellers would report to the developer of Fortnite known as Epic Games that their account had been stolen.

The Valorant closed beta has been a huge success. This one ranked in more than 1.7 million viewers on Twitch. A lot of people joining this event in hopes of claiming a beta code. Please visit the community if you want to know more about Valorant account sharing or the other topics and if you have any questions about anything.

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