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Based on the research, the Valorant closed beta got underway yesterday. Riot announced that it attracted more than 1.8 million peak concurrent viewers on Twitch. Besides, it set a new record for single-day hours watched in a single game category. Actually, that is good news for Riot. But, it also presents several challenges because the studio acknowledged that the demand is over. They would share out closed beta access judiciously to avoid crushing its servers.

Riot said that it is very well aware of the high level of demand for Valorant beta access. Doing all it is able to meet it. But, the priority above all else is make sure a stable, and competitive gameplay experience, so that it is not going to open the doors anytime soon. Also, the update clarifies some points about how access to the Valorant closed beta is granted. We get information that the studio said that the entitlement would be given to beta stream viewers on Twitch, make some followers to pull marathon viewing suggestions or make multiple accounts with hopes of increasing their odds. Riot said that it is tracking total viewing time. After you pass the threshold you are eligible for a random drop that will be sent to your email address, so you do not need to be watching to claim your reward.

By the way, how about Valorant Beta Key for sale? We are sure that you come to this page to find out that information. Or you may want to try buy Valorant account. We remind you that you do not buy Valorant account because you are going to get ban by Riot. Even though you will be able to see at some Marketplace that Valorant account is available for sale.

Apparently, the popularity of the beta has resulted in a large number of Valorant beta accounts available for sale on Marketplace like eBay. Commonly, the price of Valorant account starting around $150. As we said before that you do not buy Valorant account because you are going to get ban by Riot. Aside from that, we have also seen lots of folks creating multiple accounts on Twitch to make it will increase their chances of getting a key. However, Riot said that there are also the filters in place to distinguish viewbots from the real viewers, so you may should not do that either.

We think that it is kind of a mixed message. You should not interested on Valorant streams to get beta access. But, if you do, we are going to inform you the way to get Valorant beta key officially. On the previous article, we have posted the way to get Valorant beta key, so you are able to search for that article. The steps to get Valorant beta key is simply. We are sure that you are able to do that. The last word, if you need more information about getting Valorant beta key, you are able to give comment in the section below.

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