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Do you want to know how to sign up to Valorant beta? Before anything, you need to know some important notes about the beta. First, the closed beta is only available in the United States, Canada, Russia, Turkey, and Europe. Second, Valorant is available on PC only. Third, key drops from streamers happen on April 3 and April 7 and beyond. Keep in mind that invites are not guaranteed. Fourth, rumors state that 25,000 keys will be released on April 3, and an additional 75,000 keys on April 7. Fifth, the beta go live time for anyone with an invite is at 2 PM CEST on April 7.

In order to sign up to Valorant beta, the first thing that you have to do is to sign up for a Riot account. For those who play League of Legends and have already a Riot account, please log in. Then, sign up for a Twitch account. Just like above, you can simply sign in to your Twitch account or make a Twitch account if you do not already have one. the next thing that you have to do is to link both accounts together in Twitch.

This one is the same functionality that you use to link your Amazon Prime account to enjoy Twicth Prime,, and Steam accounts. Apparently, linking gaming accounts to Twitch gives you access to promotions and drops that have been established between the game developers and Twitch. After that, watch Valorant streams on Twitch. Riot games has not specific exactly which streams will have the drops, but the safest bet is to tune in to any well-known streamer who is playing the game on their stream on April 3, and again on April 7.

There is a possibility of some streamers trying to capitalize on the excitement with misleading stream titles about the beta key drops, so it is better for you to only watch streamers who are really playing Valorant and have the drops enabled tag showing on the platform. The names of the streamer that Twitch has listed who will have the drops enabled on April 3 and 7 include Gotaga, Forsen, Mickalow, Neo, Taz, Summit1g, Timthetatman, DrLupo, Ace, Dizzy, Hiko, and fl0m.

For your information, the above steps do not guarantee a Valorant closed beta invite, simply a chance at one. For those who are lucky enough to get an invite, you will receive an email and probably a Twitch notification with instructions for the beta which starts on April 7.

How long do you need to watch Valorant streams to get a beta invite? According to Riot Games, everyone needs to watch roughly 2 hours of Valorant streams in order to be eligible for a closed beta invite. It is said that the higher weight is given to viewers with more hours of Valorant streams clocked, meaning your chances of getting an invite should be increased. However, Riot has stated that it is still not guaranteed. They have also provided more details about how closed beta entitlements work on a technical level to address some concerns.

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