Valorant Characters List and Abilities

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Valorant refers to a tactical shooter to its core. This one is also got a cast of characters, named Agents. Each of them has their own personalities and abilities. In Valorant, shooting may be the most important thing, knowing how to use your Agent to their full potential comes second.

Each character of Valorant has four abilities. Those include one Signature Abilities they get free per round, two that they have to buy (but they will keep over some rounds until they are used up), and a ultimate ability that needs to be charged by getting kills. The following is the exact description of Rot Games for each character of Valorant.

  1. Phoenix

The star power of Phoenix slays through in his fighting style. He ignites the battlefield with flash and flare. It does snot matter he is got backup or not, he is rushing in to fight on his own terms.

  • Curveball
  • Blaze
  • Signature Ability: Hot Hands
  • Ultimate Ability: Run it Back
  1. Jett

The agile of Jett and evasive fighting style lets her take risks no one else can. The girl runs circles around each skirmish, cutting enemies up before they even know what hit them.

  • Cloudburst
  • Updraft
  • Signature Ability: Tailwind
  • Ultimate: Blade Storm
  1. Viper

Viper spreads a series of dangerous chemical devices in order to control the battlefield and cripple the vision of the enemy. If the toxins do not kill her prey, her mind games surely will.

  • Snakebite
  • Poison Cloud
  • Signature Ability: Toxic Screen
  • Ultimate: Viper’s Pit
  1. Sova

The character named Sova tracks, finds, and eliminates opponents wit ruthless efficiency and precision. The custom of him bow and incredible scouting abilities make sure that if you run, you cannot hide.

  • Shock Bolt
  • Owl Drone
  • Signature Ability: Recon Bolt
  • Ultimate: Hunter’s Fury
  1. Cyper

Cypher is known as one man surveillance network who keeps tabs on the every move of the enemy. There is no saved secret. No manewer goes unseen either. Basically, Cypher is always watching.

  • Free Ability: Trapwire
  • Cyber Cage
  • Signature Ability: Spycam
  • Ultimate: Neutral Theft
  1. Brimstone

The orbital arsenal of Brimstone makes sure his squad always has the benefit. The ability of him to deliver utility precisely and safely make him the unmatched boots on the ground commander.

  • Incendiary
  • Stim Beacon
  • Signature Ability: Sky Smoke
  • Ultimate: Orbital Strike
  1. Sage

Sage makes safety for herself and also her group wherever she goes. She can revive fallen friends and stave off forceful assaults as she provides a calm center to a hellish battlefield.

  • Slow Orb
  • Barrier Orb
  • Signature Ability: Healing Orb
  • Ultimate: Resurrection
  1. Omen

Omen looks for something in the shadows. The man teleports across the field, causes the opponents blind, and also allows paranoia take hold as foes scramble to uncover where it might strike next.

  • Paranoia
  • Shadow Walk
  • Signature Ability: Dark Cover
  • Ultimate: From the Shadows
  1. Breach
  • Aftershock
  • Flashpoint
  • Signature Ability: Fault Lines
  • Rolling Thunder
  1. Raze
  • Blast Pack
  • Signature Ability: Paint Shells
  • Boom Bot
  • Ultimate Ability: Showstopper

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